Facebook’s executives really, really don’t like guns.

So much so that they won’t accept advertising for firearms, ammunition, gun parts or similar materials.

They’ve just recently expanded their jihad against guns to include items used to prevent unauthorized access to guns.

(Washington Examiner) – Facebook’s ban on gun ads has been extended to include efforts to keep arms safe and out of the hands of children, such as trigger locks and safes.

In a move that appeared to contradict Facebook’s bid to promote safety, the Internet giant refused to let the nation’s largest gun dealer advertise safes or vaults over Veterans Day.

“We are on the forefront of educating gun buyers about gun safety and we take this issue very seriously,” Hyatt Guns Director of Marketing Justin Anderson told Secrets.

“It cannot be stressed strongly enough: Guns need to be secured from unauthorized use. We cannot understand why Facebook would deny us the ability to promote this sale and help gun owners to secure their firearms,” he added.

Frankly, if it weren’t for the fact that Facebook accounts for up to 10% of our traffic, we would have left Facebook long ago.

Do you want to make Facebook browsing more user-friendly?  Here’s a pro-tip:  If you’re using a PC, browse Facebook with a Firefox browser with Ad Block Plus running as an add-on.

3 thoughts on “Facebook broadens gun ban to include gun safety items like locks, safes”
  1. Don’t like Facebook.
    Don’t use Facebook.
    Don’t know why anyone would use Facebook.
    We can all get along without it…did for MANY yrs.
    All anyone is doing on there is giving away WAY TOO MUCH personal information. Get a life, get off of it!

  2. That’s their STATED policy. I imagine they’re a little, er, whimsical when it comes to removing what they don’t like.

    craigslist has a stated policy prohibiting guns, gun parts, ammo and the like. A SCOPE is not a gun part. It has nothing to do with a gun. It’s an optical viewing device, which, admittedly, can be mounted on a gun. I’m trying to sell or trade a scope.

    I can’t keep it listed on cl for five minutes.

    I’ve explained to them patiently time and again that it is NOT a gun part, nor a gun. And pointed out patiently the number of ads in the chicago cl that say “FOID” are really gun ads and, if they’re so in hate of guns that they could flag those that truly offend their rules instead of my optical viewing device which does not.

    I don’t know how to hurt these guys. How do we boycott them? I don’t use facefurk and I have no intention of using facefurk, ever. They’ll never get a dime of my revenue. They’re so in bed with O’Blowme that it disgusts me.

    But these two are but a small measure of the problem. When the anti-gunners are the creative ones who create media like facefurk that everybody and his brother use, how are we to combat that?

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