Leftists aren’t content to stir the pot only in Ferguson, causing anarchy and rioting in reaction to a cop killing a 6’4″, 300-pound thug high on marijuana that just robbed a store and attacked the cop, fracturing the cop’s facial bones.

They are planning events in Chicago, Atlanta and other cities for the day of the announcement by the grand jury that no charges will be filed against the officer.

Got a carry license?  Carry your gun and extra ammo when out in public.

If you live in an area where there might be unrest, plan accordingly.



4 thoughts on “UNREST IMMINENT: Ferguson-related protests planned nationwide…”
  1. The urban yutes are just waiting for a reason to tear up the neighborhood and loot the local 7-11. They have learned that in large groups, those sons of obama are immune to arrest. Plan accordingly.

    Interestingly, a beat cop I know was assigned to foot patrol during a bassetball ‘celebration’ by his agency… he was stuck with no car and three other young officers to stand in front of a currency exchange. Two radios, four helmets and zero backup…

    Those yutes were certainly surprised when the boys in blue answered the bottles and insults tossed at them with a ball bearing launched from a good slingshot… Don’t overlook other ‘creative’ means of defending yourself!

  2. But I thought Attorney General of the United States of America Eric Holder was swooping in to save the day? Surely he has something to share ahead of the Grand Jury decision to stave off any unnecessary violence! I mean, he has evidence of wrong doing, right? Right?

  3. I work in the midtown area of Atlanta, I will keep my KSG shotgun with me with 15 rounds of 00 buck ready, and my .45 Glock.

  4. No carry license, out of luck. Or is the 2nd Ammendment the license you are referring to? Just curious. I have a license in several other states, however refuse to support IL CCW and the outragious fees. Not to mention they won’t issue this Marine one because his “home” state doesn’t qualify. I guess when the SHTF I’ll be a felon, according to IL law. Oh well, I can live with that! Key word, LIVE!

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