With all of the leftist groups planning on converging on Ferguson, Missouri when Officer Darren Wilson cleared of criminal wrongdoing in the death of robber Michael Brown, the potential for violence is high.

In response to this threat, police in St. Louis are telling law-abiding residents, especially those in or near Ferguson, MO to go buy a gun and do it now.


“If you don’t have a gun, get one and get one soon” the post at St. Louis Coptalk reads.  “We will not be able to protect you or your family.”

Most gun owners know that police can’t be everywhere to protect the individual and in fact have no duty to protect the individual.

Big city folks often don’t know these simple truths.  They’ve been conditioned all their lives that the government will protect them and save them.  Reality is a little different.

The Anonymous brigade now claims that the announcement clearing Ferguson cop Darren Wilson will come on the Monday after next Tuesday’s election.

Anonymous Operation Ferguson: Grand Jury Leak

Monday – October 27, 2014 3:00 PM ET USA

Last night we announced that we have received over the past several days a series of leaks from two separate and unrelated sources regarding the long awaited Grand Jury decision regarding the murder of Mike Brown by Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson. In our opinion after careful analysis the sources are reliable, and the information we are about to reveal is true. Both sources are government employees with access to both internal government as well as confidential police communications. For reasons of safety we will not be revealing anything further on either our sources or the material leaked to us. The following is a synopses of the leaked information:

On or about November 10, 2014 the Grand Jury decision will be announced. Darren Wilson will NOT be indicted on ANY charges related to the murder of Mike Brown. All local police Chiefs and jail commanders have been notified to begin preparing for major civil unrest. Governor Nixon has been notified of the impending announcement and has ordered the Missouri National Guard to begin preparations for a possible re-enstatement of the martial law that was declared at the beginning of the Ferguson protests.

As additional evidence that neither the State nor Federal authorities intend any legal action against Darren Wilson for the murder of Mike Brown, one of our sources has provided a very intriguing close up glimpse of Darren Wilson – his current where abouts and lifestyle.

Darren Wilson is still in the St. Louis area and recently attended a Blues game. He has been made aware of the impending Grand Jury and US DOJ decisions in his favor and is now comfortable enough that he has just closed purchase on a new home in the south county area. He is still co-habitating with his girl friend “Barbie”, who is now pregnant with their first child. I guess his paid vacation for murder has been productive in more ways then one.

In an attempt to “protect” himself, Darren Wilson has altered his appearance. His hairline & hair color have been altered and he has grown a substantial beard. He is operating under the alias “Darren Obrien” or another false identity.

Finally on an un-related note. “Josie” who called into a radio station during the early days of the Ferguson protests and purported to give Darren Wilson’s “side” of the story, from which many conservative media outlets (such as FOX News) have since spun the most outlandish falsehoods – has been identified as an account assistant at Javelin, Inc. and is associated with the Ferguson PD. We are still gathering info on this person and what exactly her relationship is with the FPD and her interest in Mike Brown’s murder.

Anonymous’ information could obviously be wrong. They’ve gotten a host of information wrong, including the name of the officer involved.  Twice.  Their threats to intimidate local officials have also failed to materialize as promised.

So, St. Louis residents, you’ve probably got a few days left to get yourself a gun.

The rest of us have time to change our plans to avoid St. Louis in the next couple of weeks until this blows over.

8 thoughts on “FERGUSON UPDATE: Cops say don’t be a helpless victim, get yourself a gun. PDQ!”
  1. I seems curious to me that if this release is legit and no charges will be made, why do they refer to the shooting death as “murder”? Shooting death, justifiable homicide, etc., ok, but murder?

    1. Appeared to be a sarcastic use of the word. As that is what all the news media and the family were calling it.

  2. Well, the Anonymous crowd has had a field day with Feguson officials, their identities, credit and such. Would have been nice if Anonymous would have gone after ISIS recruiters. It’ll be interesting to see if the FBI ever gets anywhere prosecuting that bunch. Doubt it.

  3. “Pick up Liz. Go by Mum’s. Kill Phil. Head to the Winchester. Have a nice, cold pint and wait for this all to blow over.”

  4. I knew the story from the co-thug was BS the day CNN aired the interview with Johnson.
    I spent many years in a patrol unit and there is now way EVER, NEVER UH UH NUNCA that anyone would try to pull anybody, especially a 300 lb “gentle giant” through the drivers window. Not even a 98 lb-er. You are sandwiched between the door and equipment module/console and there is just no room. It may have been that fact that kept the big goon from easily getting the pistol because you are at a distinct disadvantage anytime you are seated in a patrol car whether,Crown Vic, Taurus, Impala, or Tahoe. I knew from jump this story was to stir shit and sell papers.
    If this is true he will be no billed.PERIOD…. have a nice societal breakdown…..ever wonder why cops don’t really seem to worried about that? DING hear that little bell in your head go off. We know….we are prepared, we expect it. Cheers. ” NO…People are dumb, panickyand dangerous…”K”-Men in Black 19 20 something

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