Wichita, Kansas is the scene of the latest case of political correctness ruling the day over common sense.

A youth league football coach faced a parent angry over lack of playing time for their little crumb cruncher.

The situation escalated later in the day as adult relatives of the player came onto the field and confronted the coach.  One of the men lifted his shirt and showed a gun before joining in with four others, beating the coach.  One of the attackers was even using brass knuckles during the beatdown.

The coach’s wife, a concealed carry licensee, pulled her gun out and fired a shot in the air to dissuade the attackers.  At the distraction of the gunshot, the coach was able to break away and retrieve his own concealed carry piece from his car.  The hooligans who attacked him beat feat and were gone by the time cops arrived.

No arrests were made.  How typical, right?

The director of the youth football program, Jeremy Burris, fired the coach and dismissed the coach’s wife from any involvement with the youth football program.  From the Wichita Eagle news story:

“He’s been a great role model” for kids, Burris said of the coach, who has been with the Tigers for a few years and worked in the league for at least 15 years. “He’s really helped.”

Despite that background, Burris said, “you can’t take weapons out around children.”

So Jeremy said the victim of the beating was a great coach and role model but because the coach and his wife pulled their lawfully possessed guns to thwart a potentially deadly physical attack, he’s got to go.  It reads as though Jeremy would have been okay with the coach resuming coaching duties if he survived the beating from the hooligan family, so long as the coach didn’t defend himself with a gun.  Because, as Jeremy says, “you can’t take weapons out around children.”

It would serve little Jeremy right if all of the decent parents pulled their kids out of Wichita’s junior football program.  With attitudes like this, it’s just a matter of time before a good person gets hurt or killed.



5 thoughts on “PC POLICE: Coaches better beaten to death than to use gun to save self”
  1. If I were the coach, I’d immediately be suing the football program for the injuries suffered. That might make them think differently.

  2. Sue em? Nah.

    Withdraw from the program? Oh, hell yes.

    They put their dangerous fear of guns (hoplophobia?) ahead of the safety of kids and coaches. That’s not the kind I want my kids around.

  3. Some people need a “Come to Jesus” moment to get a clear head about the benefits of gun ownership.

  4. I guess the family needs to get their money making football star exposure. But, I think like father like thug will be the end product.

  5. Guess what kids! You’re not playing football anymore, starting today, you’re taking shooting lessons!

    Thats the real lesson

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