Miguel at Gun Free Zone has a great post about how Moms Demand Action are busy making fudge.

Fudge as in fudging the truth into some bastardized “facts” to promote their flawed message.

What flavor of fudge are the Mommies making up in the kitchen?  They’re trying to claim that most every mass shooting incident has not occurred in a gun-free zone.  How are they coming up with that?  They aren’t relying on the FBI’s definition of a mass shooting, but instead counting crime scenes in private homes.

Here’s a link to the details if you want to read more about their “fact-making” from the kitchen.

Miguel sums it up nicely:

I have to give it to Moms Demand: they are not deterred on doing their lying no matter how many times they are caught and embarrassed.  And I actually welcome their lying as we can use it to kill their message faster than anything else out there. None of us will reject free ammo, that much is for sure. And if Shannon keeps giving it, who are we to say no?

Once again: If their cause is righteous, why lie?

Our question is:  Do they wear their heels while they are making fudge?

6 thoughts on “PANTS ARE ON FIRE: Moms Demand Action making fudge with “facts””
    1. Hopefully the lady matches the shoes. I’ve seen some real hogs squeeze their hoves into a pair of beautiful heals!

  1. I’ll bet those shoes, feet, and legs DO NOT belong to one of the pot bellied pigs that did the topless flop fest protest.

    1. Been a few decades these those “ladies” (feeling nice today) could get any looks wearing sexy shoes like those.

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