Radicalized “American” islamist Ali Muhammad Brown.

Take a good look at this guy.

He’s the face of radicalized islam in America.

Ali Muhammed Brown killed four men in recent weeks, admitting that at least one of the killings was “vengeance” for some of the dead islamist scumbags the US Military has capped in the Middle East.


This is treasonous – aiding and abetting the enemy.

The penalty to treason is death.  Put this bastard into a wood chipper with the chipper chute pointed inside a hog pen.


Suspect says he murdered New Jersey teen as revenge for U.S. military killings in Middle East: police

(NY Daily News) – The shooter accused of gunning down at least four men in two states said he murdered a New Jersey teenager as revenge for Muslims killed overseas.

According to court documents, Ali Muhammad Brown described his June murder of 19-year-old Brendan Tevlin as a “just kill” and said it was an act of “vengeance” meant to compensate for U.S. military killings in the Middle East.

In addition to Tevlin’s murder, Brown has been charged will fatally shooting three men in Seattle. All four men were gunned down in remote areas late at night, NJ.com reported.

He is currently held in Newark, but he may be extradited to Washington state.

Brown is a devout Muslim opposed to U.S. intervention overseas, especially Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran, prosecutors said.

“All these lives are taken every single day by America, by this government. So a life for a life,” he told investigators, according to the documents.

Folks, if you’re not taking steps to protect yourself and your family from the coming storm, you’re imprudent and foolish.


6 thoughts on “JIHAD IN AMERICA: “American” islamist murders in revenge for US military killings”
  1. He admits he’s the killer so hang him. BTW, why didn’t all the strict NJ gun laws stop him ???

  2. I suppose thousands of tax payers dollars will be spent to see he gets a fair trial even after admitting it. Mean while a mother of two crosses state lines with her legal CC, didn’t hurt anyone but is being treated like a violent criminal.
    I agree with Bill, last time I checked, one bullet cost less than a full blown jury trial.

  3. Look, another Muslim to hug until he has stop shooting all of us, at least by Obamama and the muslim brotherhood in the whythe house.

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