The Chicago Sun-Times had this charming story this evening that should give you cause to go ahead and get that carry license if you haven’t already.  Bad times and bad people are coming.  Actually, they are already here.

Today, in Chicago, police were called to a suspicious / reckless driver (not pictured) waving an ISIS flag out his window.

That’s right:  An ISIS flag.  In Chicago, Illinois

Cops hooked up with the car (the big flag hanging out of the window is what the FBI calls a “clue”), and the chase is on.

Douchebag runs red lights and drives like an idiot with cops in pursuit, risking innocent lives.

Finally, he’s stopped.

At which point he says his car is a car bomb and if cops don’t let him go, he’s gonna detonate it.

If that doesn’t call for a head-shot on the spot, I’m not sure what does.  A reasonable person, given the totality of the circumstances, would have to take this guy at his word.

Anyway, instead of shooting him, they took him into custody.  A search found a big nothingburger.

Meanwhile, Emad Karakrah, 49, was charged with a long list of felonies and taken to Cook County Jail where hopefully he won’t be fed halal foods.


14 thoughts on “ISIS IN AMERICA: islamist drives through Chicago waving ISIS flag, tells cops he’s driving a car bomb”
  1. Anyway wanna take bets that he was an illegal?

    I read the story. He didn’t have a driver’s license.

    1. they should have called the bomb squad in.. an yes a Head shoot would have been the right move… One day these Police are going to come up to a Car an he or she will say the same thing . and blow the car apart with them with it.. Cop’s were dumb… He is a Terrorist. so treat him as one…

  2. 50/50 tossup between a completely harmless wannabe acting on his own and a completely harmless wannabe that somebody used to probe some aspect of police response.

    1. If his name was Jerry “Jim-bob” Smith, I’d say you were right.

      Unfortunately it wasn’t.

      Scary stuff, IMHO.


    2. Very insightful, Don.

      Say, what’s going to be the followup to the concentrated, professional attack (not a “dry run,” look it up) on the San Jose power substation about a year ago?

      Is it coming next week?

      Are you ready?

      Water. ……….check.

      FOOD for a year……….check.

      ammo for your favorite tools……..check.


      Good luck. 9/11 is next week. They’ve vowed to wipe us off the planet. Our Islamist presidon’t is doing NOTHING about it.

      You’re on your own.

  3. Probing response and quite possibly delivering messages – both within the prison and to Obama. It’s a propaganda play demonstrating they are indeed here.

    Wake up America. Wake. Up.

  4. WOW! The Chicago police showed unusual restraint. (?)
    With our open border problem anyone can walk across so to say ISIS is in the country is like asking does Colonel Sanders sell chicken.

  5. Just read storomabout ISIS slated to attack in Texas soon. Maybe Chicago is real target. Th

  6. This is why I like cameras , it would have recorded his statement ( a threat to life ) and made a proper response “do able “. Head shot fast

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