“More boobs, less guns!” her sign reads. Perhaps she should have been protesting the effects of gravity instead.

Oh heavens.

Yes, it was vulgar and lewd, but not even a smidgen lascivious.

This weekend, a group in Texas conducted their monthly open carry walk through the streets of Austin, Texas to educate folks about gun rights.

The group is called CATI – for “Come And Take It” – and they’ve been doing these walks for some time without some of the bone-headed antics of “Open Carry Texas”.

This month’s walk was a lot different.

A Moms Demand Action contingent showed up and let their boobies hang free.

Now, folks who know me know I’m a red-blooded American male who appreciates attractive women.  Having said that, there are some women who should just go ahead and keep their shirts on as a public service.

These women were some of that tiny subset.

Not only were they lewd and vulgar in dress (or lack thereof), their foul-mouthed language wasn’t family or kid-friendly.  They also tried to stir public anger by shouting racist and bigoted labels at the peaceful CATI walkers.

BuzzPo has the story and more (somewhat graphic) photos.  It’s more or less safe for work, but remember, what’s seen can’t be unseen.  Here’s the best part of the story…

…These women mentioned “Moms Demand Action” (MDA) petitions according to CATI Austin’s leader Tom Jefferson, and continually discussed the requests made by Target and Chipotle to leave guns outside their establishments, which of course Moms Demand Action was solely responsible for.

Unfortunately, the nonsense didn’t stop there. The women continued to remain topless in front of innocent children that were with today’s CATI group, shout obscenities and racial slurs, while “BAREing” signs that contained vulgar sexual messages. See the pictures below, which I obviously had to censor.

At one point in an effort to create an uprising, Jefferson stated “they followed us into a small coffee shop and called us the Aryan Brotherhood. They continually used terms like white pride and white power. Their allegations are obvious nonsense as we not only have many African American members in our group, but also on our walk today.”


Some time back, we came up with a new logo for the Mom’s Demand Action girls.  Perhaps we should revisit our creative studio, because these ladies in Austin didn’t fit our perception of Moms Demanding Action.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
Moms Demand Action members are seeking Action.


9 thoughts on “LEWD, NOT LASCIVIOUS: Moms Demand Action TOPLESS counter-demonstration to Texas open carry walk”
  1. Bloomberg probably personally reviewed and approved the “credentials” for these demonstrators. Definitely not an uplifting spectacle.

  2. I’ll start worrying when these goofs show up completely in the buff.

    I don’t suppose there were any consequences to these “ladies” for violating public decency ordinances?

  3. Maybe the boobs they were referring to were not the mammary type, but the people themselves.

  4. As a rifle shooter, I’ve always advocated the proper usage of a sling. Apparently these MDA types don’t believe in sling usage.

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