Ah, the gang-banging, urban youth “he was going to find a cure for cancer someday” mythology continues unabated.

Here’s the story from CBS Chicago:

(CBS) A 13-year-old boy was killed and six others were wounded in a drive-by shooting Friday evening in the West Side East Garfield Park neighborhood, according to fire authorities.

…Relatives identified the fatally shot victim as Samuel Walker, 13

Of course, the family hands out an old photo of the kid a few years before, looking angelic, then offers their reaction (note, they didn’t get a comment from his father…):

Walker’s aunt, Maribell Ruiz, says the teen would have been 14 next month. She described him as a studious teen and called his death senseless.


The only thing he knew well was the criminal justice system, thanks to his studies double majoring in dope dealing and gang culture.

With five arrests, according to Second City Cop, three of which were for felonies (dope slinging) with a battery and assault thrown in for good measure.

And his death, given what he was doing (dope dealing, gang banging, and all sorts of similar bad-boy activities), is a far cry from “senseless”.  To the contrary, it makes perfect sense.

This “boy”‘s mom and dad should look in the mirror if they want to know why he’s dead.  Then again, neither of them probably had a decent childhood to learn what decent parenting looks like.

6 thoughts on “CHICAGO: Dead 13YO called “studious”. Reality: Double major in dope dealing and gang culture”
  1. You failed to mention he was a good boy at heart and was turning his life around. He was standing around just minding his own bid-ness (selling drugs). I’m sure he momma is going to miss some of the profits supplementing the generational welfare.

    1. I wonder this – if President Obama had a son, would he look just like this 13 year old boy who was on his way to discovering the cure for cancer and how to facilitate cold fusion as the solution for our energy needs? Probably so!

  2. My guess is the family members know pretty much who shot him but will never say a word to help the police catch the shooter. Of course the family will probably organize a memorial walk to protest the guns which are the total cause for this shooting. I also wonder where the parents are since the aunt is making the comments.

  3. If I had a son, he would be dispensing drugs under Obamama care to the elderly……..

  4. Just one fewer that we have to take out ourselves when SHTF and the HORDE of southsiders comes this-a-way.

    It’s coming………….It’s palpable…….. Can ya feel it?

    The end is near………..

    Are you ready?

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