(Illinois State Rifle Association) – The shrill voice of extremism echoed through the halls of the Niles Community Center on Monday night as the Bloomberg Moms tried without success to block a special use permit that would allow a pistol range and gun shop to open in an industrial area of the village.

In the end, the voice of reason prevailed with the zoning commission sending the application ahead to the full village council by a 5-2 vote.

The Niles, IL zoning board met in front of a full house Monday evening. Photo via ISRA.  Click for full-size.


Of the 250 or so people who packed the community center meeting room, about 75% appeared to be in favor of permitting the shop/range. What the Moms lacked in numbers they made up for with nonsense. It wasn’t good enough for the Moms to spout their familiar and tired repertoire of unsubstantiated claims against private firearms ownership. No, the Moms sunk to new depths – launching a campaign of lies and innuendo about the qualifications and character of the entrepreneurs seeking to open the shop/range facility.

On the other hand, supporters of the shop/range proposal testified with facts showing that the range and gun shop would be a great benefit to the community in terms of educational opportunities, jobs and tax revenues. Supporters of the proposal also debunked the Moms’ claim that the opening of the shop/range facility would endanger school children in the village.

Anyone in attendance at the meeting Monday night received an excellent lesson in what the Moms are truly all about. Once the Moms began testifying, it became abundantly clear that they believe that government should be shutting down ranges and shops – not allowing for the opening of new facilities. It was evident that, even if this range was being proposed for opening on a desert island, the Moms would rise in protest. The Moms proved themselves once again to be one of those groups that hate guns and the people who own them. It was evident to all who attended the meeting that the Moms are less interested in stemming so-called “gun violence” and more interested in abolishing your right to keep and bear arms.

Thanks go out to all of the supporters who turned out in Niles on Monday night. The great show of support was appreciated by the entrepreneurs who have applied for the special use permit to open the shop/range. However, this was just one of many battles that must be won if the shop is to open. The next milestone is winning approval of the full village council. The date for that vote has not been set. When the ISRA learns of the date, an alert containing instructions will be distributed.

8 thoughts on “DEFEAT FOR MOMS DEMAND ACTION: Niles gun store, range approved by zoning board despite MDA attacks”
  1. For the love of God, will SOMEBODY get these mommies some action before they cause any more trouble?

  2. I’m not available for that mission.

    A) My wife wouldn’t approve.

    B) I think I’d grow sick of their irrational, miserable personalities even before got to the bedroom.


  3. I’d like to thank the ISRA for taking point on this event.

    Good job, ladies and gents!


  4. What a horrible result. Guns kill people! If we take away all the guns we can stop people getting killed by guns.

    1. If we take all the guns away from the legal people who have guns than a lot more of the legal people who have guns will be killed by those who pay no attention to the laws. Check was has happened at Target stores after they announced that guns were not welcome there.

      (If your post was meant as sarcasm sorry, my detector didn’t go off).

    2. OK. So we start by taking away guns from the cops. How about that? By your logic, that would stop people getting killed by guns. What you seem to lack in reason, you attempt to make up in nonsense.

    3. Whoa! Another erroneous statement. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.
      Based upon your philosophy, we should outlaw knives, baseball bats, cars, and even fists. Collectively (other than in Murder city – Chicago) use of them has contributed to many more deaths than guns.

  5. Thanks to ISRA for publishing the names & email addresses of the Niles Mayor and Trustees. I sent a few comments to them before the vote and then congratulated the wisdom displayed by the 5 members who voted to sent the proposal forward. I also reprimanded the 2 nay-sayers for their failure to be in the majority.

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