I’ve been really busy of late, and my co-posting assistants (or co-conspirators, if you want to call them that) haven’t taken up any of the slack.

Anyway, it’s time to make your day a little sunnier and a little happier, with some videos.

First up:  A great police chase.  It probably won’t become a classic talked about for years, but it’s laugh out loud good.  I confess, I was cheering for the pup.


Plus we were sent a link to this video from one of our members.  Chicago Police drive to sound of shots fired and apprehend a would-be murderer.  Good job, fellas.








3 thoughts on “VIDEOS to brighten your day: Great police chase, shots fired in Chicago”
  1. should have used their loud speakers to say ” Here kitty, kitty ” or make cats sounds.

  2. Guilty as charged; I haven’t posted for a while.

    Burma Shave sign detail tomorrow – Friday May 9. Meet at the Mansfield BP station, 9 AM.

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