Illinois Carry, working with the legal beagles at NRA headquarters, have been working on some relief for those arbitrarily denied a concealed carry license.

They have found three individuals who they believe are good plaintiffs and are filing a class-action suit, of sorts, to gain injunctive relief for due process rights to those who have had objections filed by police to their carry license applications.

From a post at Illinois Carry by their spokesman Valinda Rowe:

A suit has been filed in the 7th Judicial Circuit Court in Sangamon County on behalf of Matthew Thomann, Samuel Finnigan, Deanna Knoll, and IllinoisCarry members.

The suit was filed in an effort to gain Due Process for those who have been denied a CCL by the CCL Review Board without the opportunity to know why they were denied, no opportunity to provide witness or testimony on behalf of themselves, no opportunity to appeal to the CCL Review Board for a review of the denial.

The suit asks the court to issue an order reversing and remanding the denials to the ISP for proceedings that comport with the requirements of due process of law.

Attached File  Thomann vs ISP filed.pdf   2.41MB

Attached File  2014-04-23 Pltf_s Motion for Preliminary Injunction (2)-c.pdf   193.89KB

Attached File  2014-04-23 Pltf_s Brief in Support of Motion for Preliminary Injunctive Relief and Admin Review (2)-c.pdf   1.86MB