The despicable Westboro Baptist Church members traveled to Moore, OK to tell the residents there that God hates them.

The Westboro kooks weren’t welcome and half of the Moore Police Department was there to protect the kooks from local residents.

The police line didn’t last long.

Within minutes, the protective cordon failed and the Westboro cowards ran for their lives.

Here’s the video.


6 thoughts on “LIGHTER FARE: Watch Westboro cowards run for their lives”
  1. oF course, the westboro folks are absolutely nuts, but it’s troubling to hear that a forum devoted to second amendment rights would so cavalierly and easily ignore or urge dispensing with their First Amendment rights, don’t you think?

    First they came for the Jews, then they came for the fags, then they came for the musloons and when they came for me there was no one left to defend me.

    1. When you only speak of hate and prejudice, you are not using your 1st Amendment rights for the good of the people, or against a tyrannical government. Therefore Westboro is nothing more than a hate group. And clearly this entire town disagreed with their views and chased them out of town. Perhaps Westboro should stick to places they are welcomed… where ever that may be.

  2. Ken:

    How or where did you get the impression GSL was urging dispensing of First Amendment rights?

    The good people of Moore, OK have a right to have their voices heard too.

    And to run those Westboro lunatics out on a rail…


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