There was a whole lot of wailing and caterwauling from the “inner city community” members near the scene of a police-involved shooting in Chicago.

Where were these people when little Raason (pronounced ‘raisin’?) was growing up?  Why wasn’t little Raason in college learning how to cure cancer instead of slinging dope, as police allege, on a corner at 8:45a.m.?  Why wasn’t little Raisin being a productive citizen instead of pointing a .40 caliber Glock and police officers?

A 20-year-old man who allegedly pointed a gun at a police officer was fatally shot by a police Saturday morning after a foot chase on the South Side, officials said.

Raason Shaw, of the 7800 block of South Merrill Avenue, pointed a .40-caliber handgun at an officer who was running after him in the 6200 block of South Rhodes Avenue in the Woodlawn neighborhood, officials said.

According to a statement issued by police, a Glock semi-automatic handgun with a laser sight and extended high-capacity magazine was recovered at the scene.

The officer was among two who at about 8:45 a.m. observed “a male subject conduct a hand-to-hand narcotics transaction  on the 6200 block of South Eberhart,” police said in a release.

After observing the alleged transaction, police approached the man, who fled on foot. During the chase, police observed the man running while “clutching an unknown object in his wasteband.”

An officer confronted the man in a gangway between two buildings in the 6200 block of South Rhodes. There, the man was holding a handgun in his right hand and pointing it at the officer, refusing to drop the weapon after being ordered by an plain clothes officer, according to police.

The good news is Raisin won’t have to be incarcerated on the taxpayers’ dime for the next fifty-odd years.

The bad new is there’s probably two others just like him now slinging dope on the same corner.

3 thoughts on “THINNING THE THUG HERD: Chicago cops shoot “alleged” dope dealer who likes to point guns”
  1. “The bad new is there’s probably two others just like him now slinging dope on the same corner.”

    Okay, two targets for the price of one. Works for me.

    I have an idea. Instead of going to the firing range to practice. Why not open up the drug dealing street corners. I am sure the law abiding would appreciate the new shooting targets.

  2. It wasn’t just a high capacity magazine but it was extended too.
    Maybe it was a happy stick.
    The illegal in Chicago laser didn’t do him any good either.

  3. Little Raason waas a goood kiid whaat neeveer huurt aany boody. Why coouuldn’t the naasty pooliice fiireed a waarniing shoot. Hee waas juust beegiinniing too tuurn hiis liifee aaroouund.

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