I know you’re gonna be saddened to learn that two more of Detroit’s depraved hoodlums are now taking a dirt nap.

This brings the dead thug count – in Detroit alone – to ten so far this year.

(guns.com) A Detroit man fatally shot two suspected burglars on the city’s northwest side while the men were attempting to break into his house around 10:30 a.m on Tuesday.

Upon hearing a noise near the side window, the homeowner grabbed his handgun and went outside to investigate, according to Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody.

The suspects, who were in their 20s, got into an altercation with the homeowner, during which the homeowner, a concealed carry permit holder, drew his gun and fatally shot the two men.

Sgt. Woody told The Detroit News that the details of the shooting have been sent to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office where they will be reviewed to determine whether the shooting was justified.

He added that police responded to an attempted break-in at the same home on Friday.

This latest incident would mark the tenth fatal self-defense shooting by a law-abiding gun owner this year, provided the prosecutor’s office opts not to press charges against the homeowner.

5 thoughts on “Two MORE Detroit thugs put down”
  1. As a cost cutting effect to people defending themselves, the police will be responding in the morgue van with the coroner to all home owner defensive shootings. Photographed and cleaned up…done.

  2. Exactly what should happen to criminals that break into homes or attack victims. If you do not want to get shot, do not commit crimes, simple.

  3. The prosecutor should use the same standard that they reserve for the cops!
    Case closed! No repeat criminal offenders to run through the system!

  4. The pros: 1. Less thugs to deal with (even though they are obviously too stupid to seek another line of work) 2. Tax payers save a lot of money that can be used to revitalize Detroit. 3. It is driving anti gun morons bonkers who feel that shooting criminals and those with hostile intent is in humane. Yet consider it acceptable collateral damage when unarmed people become victims. Me thinks the real reason anti gunners want to disarm law abiding citizens is because anti gun groups are in fact criminals trying to make it safe for them to commit whatever crimes they want after everyone is disarmed. (never going to happen)

    The Cons: 1. Criminals relocate to do their misdeeds thus finding a less defended place in which to commit their crimes. 2. The cost for body bags and burial plots to dump the bodies is still paid for by tax payers (even though not nearly as expensive as feeding and housing these pieces of trash for however long they are incarcerated) 3. Listening to pansies whine when someone they know gets ganked for committing a crime (should have raised them better Momma)

    Ah well. If they can’t live with the consequences of their crimes then by all means become productive members of society. Don’t expect the rest of us to just hand over our hard earned belongings willingly. Period!

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