Moms Demand Action is a wholly owned subsidiary of former mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

However, they are careful to put forth an entirely different image to the low-information crowd.

Moms Demand Action claim to be just everyday Americans.

The reality, of course, is quite the opposite.

Shannon Watts, their national director is an example.  When she splashed on the scene a year ago, she claimed to be a housewife and mom.  In reality, she has long been a Democrat operative, paid (and paid well) to promote for lefty causes.

Enter California’s new state director of Moms Demand Action.


Meet Catherine Stefani.

She describes herself to the Sacramento Bee newspaper’s readers as this:

As a mother of two children, nothing is more important than ensuring my son and daughter grow up in a safe community. That’s why, after 26 innocent students and teachers died in the senseless tragedy in Newtown, Conn., I could no longer remain silent. I joined Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America to fight for a future in which guns no longer kill 33 Americans – including eight children and teens – every day.

The rest of the story?

Eric at The GunMart Blog does a very nice job fleshing out her resume.

Just a simple and quick Google search turned up who Catherine Stefani really is… She is NOT the PTA super mom that the MDA playbook tries to tell us they all are. She is infact a Legislative Aide for Supervisor Mark Ferrell, a former Policy Analyst for Vice Mayor Cindy Chavez at City of San Jose. a former Deputy District Attorney at Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office, and an attorney and former prosecutor.

Catherine Stefani is a legislative aide to Supervisor Mark E. Farrell in San Francisco where she works on various public policy issues. Catherine is an attorney who began her legal career as a prosecutor in Contra Costa County. She later developed, hosted and produced FOR THE RECORD, a live call-in television show that focused on educating viewers about various legal issues. The East Bay Business Times named Catherine to the “40 under 40 List” recognizing young leaders in the East Bay community.

Catherine received her B.A. in Government from St. Mary’s College of California. She then spent a year in Japan teaching English and continued on to receive her Juris Doctor Degree and LL.M in Government and Public Policy from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. Catherine also served as a legislative analyst for Assemblyman Herb Wesson, a policy analyst for Vice Mayor Cindy Chavez of San Jose and a legislative aide to Supervisor Alioto-Pier. Catherine serves on the Board of Directors of the Homeless Prenatal Program. She is also the California Chapter Leader for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. She is the mother of two children, ages 9 and 4, an avid runner and soon to be triathlete.

She was also a 2010 Democrat Candidate for San Francisco county Assembly and former Former Board member of the League of Women Voters. Her list of key endorsements for political office tells you everything you need to know about how radical a liberal she really is.

Board of Equalization Chairwoman Betty T. Yee
District Attorney Kamala Harris
City Attorney Dennis Herrera
Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier
Supervisor Carmen Chu
Supervisor Bevan Dufty
Supervisor Sean Elsbernd
Supervisor Sophie Maxwell
School Board Commissioner Rachel Norton
School Board Commissioner Hydra Mendoza
Asian Pacific Democratic Club
Noe Valley Democratic Club
Raoul Wallenberg Democratic Club
San Francisco Young Democrats
California Nurses Association
Plan C
Police Officers’ Association
San Francisco Coalition for Responsible Growth
San Francisco Firefighters Local 798
Small Property Owners of San Francisco
Anne Kronenberg, SF Deputy Director of Health
Catherine Dodd, Executive Director, SF Health Service System
James Illig, President of the SF Health Commission,
London Breed, Redevelopment Agency Commissioner
Mike Farrah, Director, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services

Just another girl prostituting herself for the cause of tyranny.



41 thoughts on “CA: Another “stay at home” Mom demanding action? Not quite”
  1. Hacks in a skirt are still hacks!
    This also shows the power of the money of the left.

    Gun owners/patriots need to understand The only thing we have are numbers. We out number these SOB left commie pinko pigs hundreds if not thousands to one.

    If gun owners support their causes we can win!
    The problem is gun owners/patriots don’t always support their causes.
    The left supports organizations but what they really do is get behind candidates from within their organizations!

    Those politicians then hire their leftist pinko commie supporters.

    What we need is pro-gun people within our pro-gun organizations on the ballot and give them the support we need.

    1. It always warms the cockles of my heart to experience the deranged rantings of a true guntard. 5 years you have been crowing that the President is coming for your guns and you still have your guns. 5 years you have been threatening armed revolt against a lawfully elected government (that is treason you know) and the government is still here. You really are just like…well….5 year olds. You cannot even define communism let alone spell it. If this was a communist government you would be living in a gulag with no food let alone guns.

    2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your reply was a bit on the light side to be directed to this group of rejects, but still very needed.

    3. Thank you! It’s amazing how civilized your reply sounds as opposed to the outrageously insane rant of Bill1.

    4. Really… tell me more about how guns weren’t confiscated in New York? Tell me how guns aren’t being confiscated in Connecticut? Tell me how many new gun laws have been pushed through since Obama took office? You lefty douche bags keep singing away our rights for the song of progression… see what happens when their aren’t anymore left to sing away. Don’t think it could happen in the 21st century… funny I doubt German Jews in the 20th thought it would happen to them either…

    5. no you’ss not the constitution.dick. and so far, we have been stop obamas gun grabs.

  2. Thankfully, money doesn’t trump true grassroots.

    If gun owners only got more active and vocal in the Northeast, Cuomo and these other lefty, gun-hating Democrats wouldn’t be in office.


    1. You do realize that most democrats are also gun owners? Or do facts and numbers make your head hurt.

  3. Hmm…I don’t see anything in her description of herself that says she is a “stay at home” mom. Only a mom. And I don’t see anything saying she is some super PTA mom, either. Not sure where the author gets that. Moms come in lots of variety. I also looked at the list of endorsements. I don’t see anything “radical” there, either. They all look like standard Democratic and civic groups – unless you think anyone associated with the Democratic party or local government or civic engagement is radical. Calling this prostitution sounds pretty radical to me.

    1. i see common sense evades you. he did the research you are too lazy do. shes. not what she claimed to be.just like Watts.

    1. I Know, I was like, wait a minute, should I be commending this woman or condemning her? Very confusing.

    2. Amy, I thought very insightful articule, another MDA hack who is bought and paid for by old Bloomberg himself and she is acting like she isn’t paid, just a concerned mom..kinda like Shannon Watts because she worked for Monsanto saying GMO is good. Same hypocrisy. Just a paid schill.

  4. Spare me the misogyny. How are working, educated mothers working for a cause they believe in prostituting themselves? You might as well say that any working, educated man or woman who works for/promotes the gun lobbyists agenda a prostitute … in other words, you.


    2. OMG LOL the misogyny card, get backed in the corner and out come the misogyny card, do you have a clue what misogyny means. I see a fair article coming out stating what this person is and where her paycheck comes from, check out any Shannon Watts/Troughton bio and you will see the hypocrisy Just another Bloomberg paid schill.

  5. So, you have made up an idea of what “being a mom” means and anything that does not mesh with that becomes bogus? Ridiculous. I wonder what your mom , or the mom of your own children might have to say about being referred to as a prostitute, merely for speaking up for safety?

    Let’s get back to the real topic: Too many people are dying due to gun shot wounds in our country. How can we reduce that number? Do you have any real solutions for ways to help “save lives”?


    2. Jenny show facts of what you claim…how many have died…then show me how many children have died from drowning…then show me how many people have died from smoking….use FBI stats also..not bloomberg FALSE figures.

    3. More people are killed and injured due to texting while driving than with firearms, even your precious babies. Where is your hue and cry?

  6. They should all be given SPANKINGS! Bare-assed, in public.

    Don’t forget that it was wimmins who caused Prohibition. We all know how THAT turned out.

  7. yeeeeeehaw, wat a dum lil lady
    all dem soshulists is comina take r gunz and we IZ NOT GON LET DEM!1
    stooped soshulist natsee obummer and his commy krew hate merica

  8. Apparently this story must have some truth to inspire such vehement reaction from the paid shills. I guess GSL is doing something right if the “progressive” element is expending resources to launch ad homenem attacks on this site and gun owners in general rather than using any kind of fact to support their position (because no such facts exist). They are living up to the ideal of never letting little things like the truth get in the way of their narrative about how they know what is best for every one else.

  9. Remember that they are all suffering from lead poisoning, which makes you feel irrational, angry, loses a grip on reality make you feel persicuted, angry, every time you fire a gun the lead pellet passes through the barrel, exiting the mussel it explodes with a cloud of micro fine lead particals which is inhaled leading to lead being taken directly into the blood stream and into the brain, Velvet bottom in England a Roman lead mine, affects the people who live down stream. who are know to be stupid, and ignorant, largely an effect of lead poisoning.

    1. What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to/read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  10. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes my head hurts from being screamed at about being a low IQ ,serial childmolistingdrugdealingdogkickinghitandrunoveroldladiescrossingthestreetAHOLE……..JUST because I’m pro gun……….F___!!!!! I don’t even own one yet!!!!!!!!! JUST BUGGER OFF…………..

  11. Moms come in all sizes and shapes. Some work at home. Some work outside of the home by choice. Some work outside of the home due to necessity. Some are political activists. That happens in both parties. What does that have to do with whether or not mothers want some sort of sanity to prevail around gun ownership. Most sane moms do not want to see a bunch of yahoos flashing their substitute for manhood around.

    The desire to ensure that one’s children are truly safe at school, in movie theaters, shopping centers or on play grounds is crucial to most mothers. The fact that there is a sincere and true disagreement about how this can be accomplished is also true.

    I’d like to be convinced that those owning guns for protection purpose where not a bunch of scared guys hiding being their big weapons but rather sane, reasonable, intelligent individuals who were capable of making wise decisions about the use of deadly weapons.

    Name calling, and divisive language does nothing for either side. The hateful responses to this one-sided, limited article appalling. It would be wonderful if true journalism would reappear and that the writers would attempt to write objective articles without being guided by their own personal biases.

    The level of ignorance demonstrated by the comments to this article is evidence as to why society as a whole cannot depend on individuals such as these to keep our children safe.

  12. These MDA girls gotta make a living somehow…

    I’m amazed at all of the personal attacks from the supposed “tolerant” members of our society. Could it be they are only tolerant of opinions that mirror their own?


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