The political commentary segments from the NRA are masterfully done.

This one from Natalie Foster is very good.

One line early on that caught my ear:  “I can name five mass murderers off the top of my head but I couldn’t name five of their victims if I tried.”

“The media becomes complicit in the next tragedy,” she said.

She asks why the surviving Boston terrorist bomber rated a cover photo on Rolling Stone magazine.

She notes that we are rewarding these killers with the immortality that they are seeking.

That’s why, here at Guns Save Life, we will not publish the names of spree killers.  We’re reluctant to publish their likeness unless it’s to ridicule them.

Watch the video.  It’s good.

2 thoughts on “Natalie Foster on the mainstream media’s obsession with crazed killers”
  1. I read the book by Susanna Hupp whose parents were shot in Lubby’s Cafe in Kileen Texas. In the book “From Lubby’s to the Legislature” she never uses the name of the killer for the same reason. Good call John B.

    1. You can watch her testimony before, I believe it was, Congress, on Youtube.

      She’s amazingly articulate… and right, of course.

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