The Quad City Times reported it and one of our sources confirmed it:

Look for the ISP to hold a news conference late Friday to announcing the mailing of CCW permits.

Some may have them as soon as Monday.

At this point, we’re unsure how many folks they are going to release licenses to – licenses that in some cases were approved weeks ago.  Our best guestimate is that they will keep everyone waiting about ten weeks before they get their license – if they got fingerprinted.  If not, add four weeks.

It’s Illinois, after all.  We can’t make things easy.  Or fast.  Or cheap.

In any event, criminals beware.

The rules of the game have changed and your world will become a lot more hazardous starting next week.

From the QC Times:

SPRINGFIELD — State officials are poised to issue the first wave of permits allowing Illinoisans to carry loaded weapons in public.

Rep. Brandon Phelps, the architect of the state’s landmark concealed carry law, said Tuesday that Illinois State Police officials are scheduled to announce Friday they have finished work on a permit system.

With that, the first round of permits could be in the mail this weekend, a month earlier than officials initially predicted.

9 thoughts on “IL CCW Permits to hit the mail this weekend.”
  1. Those persons receiving their permit, great. Check your envelope for a Ukraine or Hong Kong postal postmark on the package……

  2. I was hoping the first release would include all those who applied early (i.e. before Jan. 5th). Perhaps that would be too large for their first run.

  3. I would love to see/listen to the press release if I knew some place that is going to broadcast it.

  4. I really DON’T BELIEVE THIS AT ALL. The gov has almost 45 days left. He hates freedom and guns. This is a phone call for him and our friends in the NRA can’t do anything about it. They can have every thing ready and wait until the last week. The ISP work directly for the gov. It’s a phone call to “save the lives of children” in his mind. So don’t wear out the hinges on your mail box until the first week of April. WILL NOT HAPPEN IN A 1000000. This is a power play. I would not be suprized if they mail on the deadline.

  5. I wonder if they are just saying this to depress turnout for iGold.

    We need everyone to turn out on March 5. The more people we have marching in Springfield, the more pressure is applied to get CCW permits mailed out

  6. I don’t know , but I think it’s a political move a couple weeks before the election to make us think that they’re nice guys and get our minds on their generosity. ….. Does that sound. Stupid enough that that might be what they’re thinking???

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