The final member of the doomed trio of inner-city thugs who tried an armed robbery of an off-duty sheriff’s deputy sergeant at a CITGO gas station in Chicago is in custody and being held on $2 million bail.  Emannuel Jackson, all of 15 years old, is now facing a first-degree murder rap along with armed robbery charges.

The other suspect to flee with his life, Davante Graham, surrendered last week  His attorney claims the case against her client is “circumstantial” – even though there’s a nice video tape of the incident we’ve all seen.  (And a not-as-nice one.)

So, were these choirboys on their way to turning their lives around?

Not so likely.

From the story in the Chicago Tribune:

Authorities said Mackey had 16 arrests on a rap sheet that went back to April 2008 when he was 10 years old.

His most recent arrest was last month after Chicago police say he robbed a woman of her cell phone on December 16, not far from the Citgo station, authorities said. That was his only robbery arrest.

Graham also has a long juvenile record of arrests for aggravated battery and criminal damage, prosecutors said.

Somehow we don’t think Emannuel’s history has been butterflies and honor rolls.


2 thoughts on “Choirboys VI: Second suspect in custody; more details”
  1. If the evidence is “circumstantial” lets save space in lockup and put your client on house arrest in your home…lawyers. I “feel” the need.

  2. I can’t help but think the “Bad Boys, Bad Boys. Whatcha gonna doooo” theme song to cops when I see this video. Everytime I’m amazed how well the deputy did. Good work, sir. And thank you.


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