Over at The Truth About Guns, a parent wrote publicly of his gratitude for a school resource deputy sheriff who ran towards the sound of gunfire, confronting [Scumbag’s name redacted], the Socialist nutcase who was on a murderous rampage at his school.

Here is James Viseur’s comment at TTAG.

My son is an Arapahoe HS student, and no parent should experience what we did. The parents of Claire Davis have it much worse than all of us. I was astounded by MDA’s response. They clearly have no idea of how Coloradans view gun rights and who is responsible for the tragedy. Our experience: http://jamesviser.com/?p=949. The ONLY thing that stood between the gunman last Friday and my son (and others) was good guy Deputy Sheriff James Englert. I owe him a personal debt of gratitude.

…We can pass laws covering 100 different scenarios, but the experience at Arapahoe HS proves there will always be a 101st. When the law fails, there must be a good guy with a gun to confront an active shooter in school and public places. The same can be said for Navy Yard and just about every other mass shooting we have witnessed.

We can do this people, if we unite. We can put armed law enforcement in schools and permit qualified conceal carry. Do it now.

Best regards,

James Viser


If you want a powerful, first-person account of a father hearing about a school violence at his son’s school, read his blog entry:

Damn, where did I leave my phone?

I could hear the tune from my phone playing, alerting me to an incoming call, but couldn’t remember where I placed it. A quick search led me to my coat pocket. Ah, there it is. I answered.

My wife was hysterical, I could barely make out the words through her sobs, “Peter…Arapahoe High School…shooting…”

Oh God. I had dropped Peter off at school that morning on the way into the office. Would I see him again? That was all that was going through my mind. I knew that thousands of other Arapahoe High School parents were enduring this same drama.

Focus. I got into my car and headed to Arapahoe High School. It wouldn’t do anyone any good if I got into a car wreck, so I needed to focus. My wife called, more sobbing, but she was focused too. Good girl.

There’s more…  It’s long, but very good.



One thought on “Arapahoe parent speaks: Good guys with guns saved my son and countless others”
  1. “There’s more… It’s long, but very good.”

    If you didn’t do it, go back up to the quoted link and click on it. The article should be read.

    Let’s stop creating free-fire forced-victim zones. There will always be bad people amongst us, we need to give good people the ability to counter them.

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