Funeral services are held this morning for Dustin Friedland, the Hoboken attorney shot and killed Sunday night by carjackers seeking his Range Rover at the Mall at Short Hills in Millburn. The service is at Beth Am Shalom in Lakewood. The 30-year-old was shot and killed after an evening of holiday shopping with his wife as he was getting into the Range Rover, which was in a parking deck outside the mall. The couple were approached by two men at about 9 p.m. Sunday, acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murray has said. A struggle ensued and Friedland was shot once in the head at close range. Wednesday December, 18, 2013 (Patti Sapone/The Star-Ledger) Photo and caption by Star-Ledger.

Why do wise and prudent individuals practice situational awareness of their surroundings and carry the tools with which to protect themselves and their families from violent attack?

So they don’t fall victim to amoral, asocial scumbags who think it’s okay to kill someone to steal their car and take it for a short joyride.


Short Hills mall shooting update: 4 men arrested, identified in connection with deadly carjacking

NEWARK (WABC) — Four men are in custody in connection with last week’s deadly carjacking at the Mall at Short Hills in New Jersey.

The four have been charged with murder, felony murder, carjacking, conspiracy, possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose. They are being held on $2 million bail each.

The suspects have been identified as 29-year-old Hanif Thompson, of Irvington; 31-year-old Karif Ford, of Newark; 32-year-old Basim Henry, of Newark; and 33-year-old Kevin Roberts, of Newark.

Dustin Friedland, a 30-year old lawyer from Hoboken, was shot in the head Sunday night inside the mall’s parking garage.

Authorities found his SUV the next day about ten miles away in Newark.

Police say Friedland had just opened the passenger door for his wife and was about to get in the driver’s side when he was approached by two men and shot. Witnesses described hearing three gunshots.


Of course, WABC didn’t publish photos of those arrested.  We got them from the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

From left: Karif Ford, Kevin Roberts, Hanif Thompson and Basim Henry. Photos courtesy of the… wait for it… New Jersey Department of Corrections.


The Star-Ledger also included this tidbit:

U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said the arrests were the result of “extraordinary police work” that came in the wake of a state-federal task force to battle carjackings in Essex County, which has the highest number of such crimes in New Jersey.

“We have an epidemic of carjackings here,” Fishman said. “You shouldn’t have to worry that wherever you go, someone will put a gun to your head and take your car.”

New Jersey is a “may issue” state where it is especially difficult for residents of its bigger cities to get a carry permit.

Get training.  Learn how to avoid becoming the victim of a violent attack and should it occur anyway, learn how to employ your safety rescue tool safely and effectively.

Not only might you be saving your own life, but you would also be saving your family and loved ones from a loss as well.

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  1. Not to mention that by using your ‘safety rescue tool’ you could very well be saving not only the life of your loved ones but the life of some other unsuspecting victim(s) in the future.

  2. The hearse being loaded is the true symbol and end result of ” gun free ” anything. the casket ALWAYS contains a disarmed law abiding citizen after mass shootings in gun free zones, carjacking victims, robbery victims, etc.

  3. Is the Big O going to tell us that if he had sons, they would have looked like Karif, Hanif, Basim, and Kevin?
    Where are the Justice Brothers? Actually, if the attorney would have had a gun and shot them, we would them be hearing from them that it was a shooting based on racism.

    1. So true. Where is the POS al sharpton at now? I can’t here that lying racist POS coming out against any violence commit by the black community, unless it black on black crime. He and that other race war mongrel Jesse Jackson. They have made millions on the black community by “selling” them BS that it was them against whitey. But just as good socialist do, they lie & keep people under control. I didn’t see that SOB come out on his tv show & condemn the “knock out” game. I you won’t hear a word from lying POS on this cause it doesn’t make him any money.

  4. Is this killing another justice for trayvon moment?

    If it is the media will never say anything about it.

  5. So tell me gov Christie, how that gun control thing pro working on the violent crime rate in your fine(pun intended) state. One question to the NJ legislation. If restrictive gun laws, that restrict the rights of law abiding citizens, worked wouldn’t Chicago , NYC, Maryland, Philadelphia & New Jersey be the safest places in the country & Vermont, Utah, Arizona & Texas be the center of lawlessness, with high crime rates. When I look at the facts I see different. I also see a government that’s wants its people stupid, disarmed & dependent on them. Why else do, the USA, spend the most on education, yet rank 25th in world. Cause the governments regulation & the dept of education. Keep the population stupid! Fiat money being printed by the government will soon cause hyper inflation. This will pay down the 18 trillion dollar debt but will also create a 2 class system, ultra rich & ultra poor. How do you keep the poor from revolting against the government? DISARM THEM. That’s exactly what the government wants. This socialist movement has been working for over 40 years for this.

  6. One more coment please. If the government at any level was interesting at saving lives why not just outlaw tobacco use! There isn’t any purpose for tobacco other then smoking or chewing, both harmful to your body. I am not preaching at anybody about this I do both. The reason why it’s not outlawed is because the governments at all levels make billion in tax revenue off of it. If they really cared about our safety & we’ll being they would outlaw it. Instead they rejoice in it cause of the tax revenues. It’s never about the safety concerns of Americans, it’s about what they want to control takes money, so they, the governments, will get the money by any means possible. Even at the cost of lives. Think about it

  7. These four strokes also had a lengthy string of previous felonies behind them. Seemed to get out early on bank and armed robbery cases that should have had them in the joint the day this happened. And why is it that four percent of the population causes more than half the violent crime? I never see four Korean or Swedish guys lined up like this. Guess I’m a racist for noticing.

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