Days of our Trailers found an editorial piece (or is it a news item?) in the NY Daily News.

Yeah, it’s the same sorry excuse for a newspaper that claimed, falsely, that the Navy Yard killer used an AR-15 when in fact it was a garden variety pump shotgun.

Why let the truth get in the way of a good front page photo, right?

Here is their latest published screed:

Outlaws with guns
New York City is confiscating illegal firearms? Good

The gun nuts are going nuts, and it’s delicious.

In 2010, New York City banned possession in the five boroughs of rifles and shotguns with ammunition-feeding devices that can hold more than five rounds. Think assault rifles with high-capacity magazines.

Now, the NYPD has sent letters to 500 registered long-gun owners asking them to modify the weapons, move them out of the city or turn them in at a police station. Tom King, president of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, sees an abuse of power when, actually, the cops went easy. They could have arrested some of these “law-abiding” New Yorkers.

I’ll tell you what is delicious and that’s the sharply declining circulation, advertising and income numbers at publications like the NY Daily News.

Roy over at Days of our Trailers sums it all up nicely:  “Registration leads to confiscation, fully supported and endorsed by anti-gun activists.  “