A Facebook post at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Their supporters’ comments belie their deep-seated bigotry.


Miguel over at "Gun Free Zone" posted a colossal gem of gun control advocates' bigotry late Friday.

Oh, and the gun grabber bigotry continues unabated.

It's a family photo of a family who owns guns – and given the son's trigger finger discipline, it stands to reason they've had some safety training.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence went apoplectic at the photo.

Here are some of the bigoted comments Miguel found…   They are all bigots, each and every one of them:

  • Danya Anderson an army of lard
  • Supratim Sanyal bet none of them will score over 80 in a IQ test.
  • Kevin Coleman To much Fox ” news,” has side effects.
  • Claude Isbell That poor woman, is younger than she looks. Barefoot and pregnant for years. She looks so tired. Most of the use kids, if not all, are screwed.
  • Victoria Haugen Looks like they need some birth control in addition to gun control…..
  • Sue Levins Rockwell Inbreeding results.
  • Kay Burnett I see child endangerment, potential domestic abuse or outright Tyranny.
  • Alfonso Romero What a future for the childrens. Also parents IQ 20.
  • Bárbara Benerousse Spay and neuter the parents!!
  • Virginia Kostmayer Wth are the protecting themselves from? Seriously they look like idiots, but hey Honey boo boo is a popular show so I think most Americans are idiots.
  • Jerry Guzi Yes. Out with “In God we trust”, in with “Mama, pass me some more mac-n-cheese, or I’ll blow your @#$%# head off.”

    (God love them all.)
  • Manny Gurrola REDNECKS SUCK
  • Robert Priester Buy them a bath tub.
  • Francesca Tori Rossellini Ugh. I think we should put all of the gun loving, gun toting individuals on an island. I want to be as far away from them all as humanly possible.
  • Tom Zilembo Take the guns away

And the hate-fill bigotry continued:  Bigot

  • Bigot Teresa Poland These our the rednecks that go out and shoot their supper everynight. Watch out beavers,groundhogs and little birdys in the trees. I bet they are on welfair. They have 6 kids and look well fed.Probably ready to go hog hunting. Mindless people who probably can't write or read.  [Democrat Political Activist / employee]
  • Bigot Curtiss E Barron Despicable, and voted "Most likely to get shot by each other."
  • Bigot Esther Essinger THIS is the reason the rest of the world sees America as insane, hideously dangerous, and stupid beyond belief. Or no – ONE of the reasons. SHAME.  [Former university employee]
  • Bigot Dan Hamlin Low IQ and raising a family to live in fear in America. What a sorry bunch, feel bad for the children. Odds are someone will get a jump on them before they can react. lol.
  • Bigot M Grace Tahapary Campbell Loony family. Wouldn't surprise me if these kids grow up to be murderers.
  • Bigot Judy Schroder Niederman Absolutely NOT!!! What an embarrassment people like this are…they do not represent the USA at all.
  • Bigot Anita Porter PWT
  • Bigot Sandra Evans People who are preparingu for the end of the world are living in fear. More guns equal more gun deaths. Guns in the house, like the man with the baby, make accidents more likely.
  • Bigot Paul Nise Better to be educated than ignorant.
  • Bigot Mike Lopez greasy republican shit stains, get a job! so I do not have to pay food stamps to comp your walmart wages
  • Bigot Julie Donnella Gill Another redneck hillbilly family portrait.
  • Bigot Deborah Mann They look inbred.
  • Bigot Alison Sarah Hungry These parents should lose the rights to their children for endangering them
  • Bigot Mary Beth McGraw Inbred much?
  • Bigot Orlich Mary Those poor children. Odds are great that at least one of them will die from a gun shot.
  • Bigot Cheri Casper They need to spend less on guns and more on birth control.
  • Bigot Barrie Ann Mason The lower your IQ, the more kids you have.
  • Bigot Jonathan Romans Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.
  • Bigot Jonathan Romans My neighbors are black and I haven't needed a gun in all of my 42 years.
  • Bigot William Litten Where's the trailer?  [University employee]
  • Bigot Luc Germain Cue the banjos !  [“Guitarist”]
  • Bigot Shanti North How many in this family will die from a gun?  [University employee / Anthropology]
  • Bigot Judy Calvin NRA gun whores making a profit from fools and cowards ! Asshats jUST WAIT UNTIL YOU BURY ONE OF YOUR KIDS !
  • Bigot Carol Lawton Bronson Visions of Somalia dance through my head…
  • Bigot Rita Chesterton Kids don't ask to be raised like this… controlling, racist, uneducated parents force it upon them.
  • Bigot John Herring WTF?? Children with guns?? Who on earth thinks this is a good idea??  [Teacher]
  • Bigot Joseph DeFilipp No, it was the way of the "Wild West" and nobody was safe, so as a people and a nation we provided laws to manage things such as disputes! More civilized, more humane, more predictable.  [Teacher]
  • Bigot Scott Newsom What a bunch of inbred retards. Fuck those people.  [This guy is a licensed psychologist]


5 thoughts on “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: An army of bigots”
  1. I think that’s a pretty good looking family.

    If you took away the guns and camo most of the morons who made these hateful comments wouldn’t have even noticed this picture.

  2. What a nice looking family, I wish they were my neighbors. Obviously lots of love and time together learning what American tradition is about ala Thomas Jefferson. The kids are obviously trustworthy and mature enough to handle firearms. and parents who raise kids to be like this are in no way slackers at providing for the family.

    As far as all the sick comments from all these ” enlightened ” posters, well nice job at not embracing someone different, judging a book by it’s cover and showing what hypocrites the human filth known as liberals really are. sad to see so many so called educated professionals making such stupid comments. again, typical nanny state thumb sucking liberal puke showing their true colors. to them I say… the people in the photo are more American and better humans then you or any member of your sack of garbage family will ever be, and F*ck you and yours !!!!

  3. I have advanced degrees in physics, math, and system design. Worked for some very well know international companies as special project engineer/manager. So, I do not consider myself “insane, hideously dangerous, and stupid beyond belief”. Yet, almost every anti-2A person that posts on any discussion group always claim that “liberals are smarter and better educated” and they need to feel sorry for me since I just is too stupid to understand.
    With VP Biden saying “shoot up in the air” or “shoot through your door”, maybe we just live in a different world.

    I am just not sure “bigot” is a strong enough word to explain their thinking.

  4. I think the kid with the ar is actually a girl. I find if funny that these are the people who say they are for peace and getting along so guns are not needed. They are the meanest most bigoted people you will ever meet. Who do they think built this country to be great and who do they think ruined this country. Redneck backwoods sailors built this country into what it was and their type are the ones who have turned it into what is is today. The type of country you want determines what group you belong to.

  5. The same “educated” people who would persecute anyone who used the “N” word seem to have no problem throwing “redneck” around. Both terms refer to a culture more than they do a race.

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