Martha Rosenberg


This supermodel turned anti-gun leftist vomits vile, offensive demagoguery and far-left talking points on guns.

It was probably the weed talking when she wrote this piece that was posted at the “OpEdNews” website, a clearinghouse for leftist propaganda.

Emphasis added.  Graphic from opednews.

Criminals Have Second Amendment Rights Too Says the NRA, in laws it pushes and opposes

While the NRA is unofficially a bunch of “good guys with guns” trying to stop “bad guys with guns,” a quick look at laws it supports behind the scenes shows it stands squarely with the “bad guys.” Why? Because the NRA is nothing but the trade group for the nation’s gun manufacturers and no different than the American Beverage Association . Its job is to sell guns just like the ABA sells Coke and Pepsi. If you think the NRA is about the Constitution and Patriotism, they have a bridge to sell you.

Why did NRA-enamored federal law makers nix universal background checks in April despite 20 first-graders murdered four months earlier and one of their own, Gabby Giffords, savagely attacked? Because 40 percent of the gun manufacturers’ market is estimated to be illegal according to statistics from the National Institute of Justice and other sources. Law makers aren’t going to bite the hand that funds their re-election campaigns and the NRA’s pro-criminal marketing plan.

Sometimes you can’t always fix stupid.

This worn-out hippie just can’t help herself, building her case for trying to recreate past tyrannies based upon falsehoods.  She’s vile in her writing, falsely claiming the NRA is nothing but a trade group for gun makers.

Why do gun banners have to be such control freaks?












14 thoughts on “Supermodel turned anti-gun leftist spews vile, offensive demagoguery”
  1. Why do pot banners have to be such control freaks?
    Heck, they might go so far as to tell people even how to DRESS or who to talk to and how to talk with them and even direct folks not to share those recorded conversations with others or or or or or…..

    The only thing more pitiful than a control freak is a hypocritically projecting control freak calling another control freak a ….wait for it… A CONTROL FREAK!

    Something about throwing stones in glass houses comes to mind…

    1. Does anyone out there speak “gibberish”? I need a translator for this one. Too much pot meeting kettle.

  2. Her arms look like she’s been doing them there flesh eatin drugs. Super model from 1926 or crack ho , take your pick! Nasty!!!!!!!

  3. What does this old hag have to back what she says ? nothing !!!!!. typical liberal filth.

  4. She should get the “Julius and Ethel” treatment.

    Good enough for those namesake commie traitors, good enough for HER.

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