Yesterday, in broad daylight,violent predatory thugs open fired on a group of people outside the Uptown Baptist Church, gathering for prayer and a free dinner.  Five people were struck by bullets in what is designated as a “Safe Passage” route for Chicago school children going to and from school.

It gets better.

The suspect vehicle was found parked at a school, also a designated “Safe Passage” zone.

Let’s face it:  Right-to-carry can’t come soon enough for the residents of Chicago.

The smart thugs will learn to restrain their asocial, violent tendencies…  something their mommas, neighborhoods and communities haven’t taught them.

The not-so-smart thugs will spring leaks and assume room temperature.

Well-meaning social liberals who think putting up some silly yellow signs proclaiming “Safe Passage” zones does nothing to deter predatory criminals, just as a slew of gun laws that only disarm the good guys do nothing to slow violent crime.

Here’s the pathetic story.  And more pictures.  All courtesy of the Chicago Tribune.


Notice what this Chicago cop is carrying. He knows that bad people with evil in their heart are not stopped by a stern word, but by a good guy with a gun. And he brought a gun.


Chicago (Tribune) – People were gathered on the steps of the Uptown Baptist Church for prayer and a free meal Monday evening when a white sedan pulled up and someone inside sprayed the street with a high-powered rifle.

Five men went down as the car made a U-turn on Wilson Avenue and sped off, leaving a trail of nearly two dozen shell casings. Inside the church, speakers thought the shots were firecrackers and services continued for several more minutes.

“It was a constant bang, bang, bang,” said Joseph Rogers, a security guard at the nearby Uptown Shop & Save at Wilson and Sheridan Road.

He rushed outside to see the white car fleeing west on Wilson and one wounded man on the church steps and three others on the street. “There was blood everywhere,” Rogers said.

Praise Jesus and pass the Israeli Battle Dressings. Daylight shooting in Chicago, home of the state’s strictest gun control, sees five shot. This didn’t happen in one of the counties downstate where gun owners with a FOID card can carry right now without fear of prosecution.

Police say five men between the ages of 21 and 58 were shot. The youngest victim was shot in the head and was in critical condition at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, authorities said. Police initially said the man had died.

The shooting occurred along a Safe Passage route mapped by Chicago Public Schools for the coming year. The getaway car was also found along the route, at McCutcheon Elementary School, 4865 N. Sheridan Rd.

Hey Governor:  How about sprouting a pair and ordering the Illinois State Police to release the concealed carry license applications today and allow the good guys to carry guns so they might protect and defend themselves, their families and their neighbors from criminal thugs.

“Oh, gosh! What are we going to do?” this guy must be thinking.



15 thoughts on “Chicago’s “Safe Passage” signs not big enough? Five shot on Safe Passage route”
  1. We had a shooting down here recently at a rave party. Guess where most of the attendees came from?

  2. The liberals don’t care about these shootings. They want to disarm everyone so their messiah obummer can become supreme ruler just like his idol hitler who also disarmed whole nations. They are smart enough to realize that gun free zones don’t work. I hope all 5 victims make a full recovery. Now state police, get off your unicorns and release those ccp applications so this can stop.

  3. ISP should issue tshirts with “safe passage” printed on them for the politicans personal protection instead of security around them. Maybe mail them to the idiots still trying to steal your 2nd Amendment rights in the state house.

  4. The “SAFE PASSAGE?” signs need to be larger, thicker, and mounted lower, so the live targets can can use them for cover or concealment.
    Another suggestion, though with some logistical difficulties, is to hang a donut dispenser on the lowered signs so Cops would more likely be at the scene prior to the perps.

  5. The problem may simply be that the gang bangers, who probably never finished school, simply cannot read the signs. After all, I am sure that if they could read them they would obey them – wouldn’t they?

  6. You can order your Gun Free Zone and Safe Passage T-shirts online now. They are bright yellow with a black bullseye painted on the front and back. They should be adopted as school uniforms in these areas. At least the parents would know how safe they are keeping their children when they wear them.

  7. This is not about safety or crime reduction, it’s about disarming America and to a Progressive Marxist a child’s death means nothing

  8. And please stop saying “Mexico is Unsafe”…Mexico needs to put out an advisory warning about the USA.

  9. Gun Free Zones & Safe Passage Zones = Shooting fish in a barrel

    The idea of is nice, but it won’t ever work because criminals don’t obey the law. That’s why they are called criminals and you will have to kill me before you take away my right to own a gun.

  10. With Illinois State Polezi publishing the new Gun Free Zone Signs, excpet much more of the same .

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