After the Syracuse Honor Flight participants moved through.
Photos via The Weekly Standard.


Who would have thought our President would do more to barricade our nation’s memorials than our southern border…

And it’s all a childish temper tantrum from the man-child President Obama.

(The Weekly Standard) – “I took the picture yesterday afternoon. Those barricades had been there at least a day. People can still walk into the Memorial area, but for many elderly and disabled vets, it is important they be driven and park right next to the statue,” the person who took this picture emails.

“There has been no coverage of Iwo Jima being closed and it is a routine stop for Honor Flight visitors.”

The source adds: “This picture is from North Marshall Drive (100 yards up the hill from the 110) facing the only road in and out of the Memorial for cars. There are parking spots for cars and buses right next the Memorial that can only be accessed via this road. Interestingly too, the view you see is also the last 200 yards of the Marine Corps Marathon which is in three weeks. That would be 20,000 pissed off runners who have trained for months.”…

UPDATE: I’m told, “The Syracuse Honor Flight just knocked down the barrier and a couple hundred of them are at the Memorial now.”

Yesterday… Before the Honor Flight from Syracuse.


8 thoughts on “Man-child Obama closes USMC Memorial… Honor Flight “relocates” barricades”
  1. hope and change dictorship in whithe house. Make his golf course a new weapons test range.

  2. This is what happens when folks think that government owns everything and is so then empowered to command PERMISSION SLIPS.
    Government simply denied permission because people aren’t paying “enough” extorted ransom.

    Permission slips ARE barrycades and it’s past time to toss them aside -when placed between us and exercise of out RIGHTS -overtly asserting IMMUNITY from prosecution for doing so. We must Deny Consent for this abusive tyrannical action as we must ALL like unjust governance.

  3. A government big enough to give you everything you need is big enough to take it all away!

  4. I see clueless in the whithe house going to veterans organization in a couple of years, forgetting about this disgrace of his. The organization turns their back on him when it arrives. If the tours in the whithe house are not going are they renting the rooms like Lincoln hotel sex such as the Clintons did to all their “cash friends”? Maybe the criminal aliens from the open Mall display ?

  5. Wish the secret service would shut down. Wonder how King “O” would feel to be on his own and no protection. Bet he would even get a C.C. permit

  6. Though it is sad that the memorial was closed, remember that the federal government shutdown was caused by congress, not the executive branch.

    1. it’s the executive branch’s refusal to negotiate that caused the shutdown. Add to that, the administration decides what to shut down and what to keep open… They could very easily have kept the memorials open, they’re just trying to “bring the pain” to as many people as possible.

      A REAL President would minimize the “pain” as much as possible (and no doubt point it out very clearly to the media), and thus take the high road and gain real political capital. Honestly, I’m glad these idiots aren’t bright enough to do that.

      Reagan, Clinton, GHW Bush, Carter and Nixon all had to deal with shutdowns, and everyone of them dealt with it in a much better way than this abomination of a President.

  7. This president. Has a different. Mission. This one Is trying to change the meaning of freedom. He has prosecuted. More. Press. Than all other presidents combined Hrs after more than us gun people. He’s after freedom of press. Freedom of. Speech just like the communists. Folks we gotta wake up and get rid of. Him and his mission he is not for us he’s against us that why we’re in such conflict on EVERY issue. –“”–

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