First, there is the Sheriff’s Deputy in Michigan who rolls up on some open carry activists politicking by the side of the road.

Here’s the video.  It’s a pleasure to watch.



Then there’s a cop in New York State.  He must have missed the classes on the Constitution when he was younger.

Backstory:   A resident had his pro-gun, anti-SAFE Act yard sign stolen.   It was the second time the sign has come up missing.

After the first time, the sign’s owner placed a game camera out to watch for vandals.  He was shocked when he discovered who the thief was.

It was a member of the local PD.



Photos courtesy via Blaze.   Here’s the story told first-hand.


3 thoughts on “A contrast in police philosophies”
  1. I hope that thieving cop looses his job and the home owner takes the police department to court and gets a large settlement.

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