Clue: Anyone carrying a gun in a holster is *probably* a good guy.

Helpful tip of the day from your nog-imbibing blogmaster:  If you see some guy wearing a gun in a holster at your bank, don’t pass a note to the teller with the word “gun” in it.  It will get you all of the wrong sorts of attention.

That’s right.

It’s probably just an average citizen going about his or her business (or worse yet, maybe even <gasp> a policeman!) with his safety rescue tool strapped to his or her belt.

Someone forgot to tell Robert Gursky about all of this.

This nervous twit got himself arresticated after he alarmed a teller when he scribbled something about about a GUN in a hastily crafted missive/note while he was conducting business at his local money store.

You know the po-po got involved.

Much to Mr. Gursky, he found himself in custody not the guy with the gun.

Just what a Moms Demand Lemonade Dad deserves, right?

Oh the schadenfreude is strong on this one.

GLASTONBURY (Hartford Courant) — A man who became alarmed when he saw a man carrying a gun inside the TD Bank at 2461 Main St. last Thursday afternoon was himself charged with breach of peace because he shook up bank staff.

Robert Gursky, 50, of Cavan Lane, was in the bank transacting business when he saw a person with a handgun. The person he saw was legally carrying the firearm and had no ill intent, police said.

Gursky, however, was concerned and tried to convey what he saw to a bank teller.

“He was trying to relay to the teller someone had a gun,” Glastonbury Agent Kevin Szydlo said. Gursky was trying to write a note to the teller, and also said “gun.” Gursky then completed his transaction and left the bank. He also tore up the note he was writing and threw it away.
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The teller and other bank staff became alarmed, activated their robbery protocol and called police, Szydlo said. Police figured out who had the gun and determined he possessed it legally. They also tracked down Gursky, interviewed him, then charged him with breach of peace.

Gosh, if we could put the cuffs on every nervous nelly to piddled themselves when they saw a gun in public, maybe we could put an end to this hysteria that everytime some nervous Nelly sees someone with a gun who isn’t in a police uniform, they think “bad guy”.

h/t to GunsnFreedom