Pack your bags and say your goodbyes Angela Giron. This politician thought she could snub her constituents and their interests in favor of supporting the agenda of a billionaire advocate for the nanny state without consequence. She found out how wrong she was.

That Atlantic splashed “The Death of Gun Control” headline across their page last Friday, sharing a fairly straight-forward assessment of gun control in America after its supporters were routed in the Colorado recall election last Tuesday.

While we agree that gun control is on the ropes, it’s far from dead.

There’s too many supporters of statist, nanny-states out there for it to be dead.

It’s merely suffered a setback as those who favor victim disarmament patiently wait for hysteria to overcome the population in order to promote their efforts to recreate past tyrannies through gun control.

Here’s excerpts and our comments:

(The Atlantic) – Ever since the Senate voted down gun-control legislation in April, some advocates have remained convinced there was still hope. As of Tuesday, that hope is officially dead.

No, they are still hoping for more innocent blood to lubricate their efforts to pass more gun control.

On Tuesday, two Colorado state senators, both Democrats, were recalled by voters for their votes in favor of gun control. Gun-rights advocates instigated the recall drives; the National Rifle Association spent $360,000, sending mailers and airing television ads calling the lawmakers “too extreme for Colorado.” Gun-control proponents, buoyed by donations from New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, outspent their opponents five to one. But the NRA turned the money against the lawmakers, painting them as pawns of fancy-pants out-of-state liberal interests. And the NRA won.

Wow, my hair (what’s left of it) has been blown back with the spin there.  “But the NRA turned on the money against the lawmakers”…  Roughly one-tenth the money that the gun control advocates spent and that’s “turning on the money”?

Nevermind it was a couple of plumbers upset and disgusted with their state senator that started this thing in one case.

Nevermind that the state senators voted the interests of an out-of-state, nanny-state liberal on guns instead of their constituents.

Democrats and gun-control advocates have come up with a number of rosy rationalizations to minimize the loss…

Honestly, what else would we expect from these people who have a reputation of dishonesty and a dearth of integrity?

…Advocates needed to send a signal that politicians could vote for gun control without fear of ending their careers. Instead, they sent the opposite message. Now risk-averse pols, already all too aware of the culture-war baggage the gun issue has historically carried, will have no incentive to put their political futures in jeopardy by proposing or supporting gun-control legislation….

They needed to send that signal…  they failed.

We sent the signal that if you as an anti-gun politician, awake the sleeping giant on guns, we’re going to leave you unemployed.

…When it comes to gun control, politicians have feared the NRA for decades. They’ve seen Democrats lose at every level, from president on down, in part because of the gun issue, and they saw their party make a comeback, particularly out west, when it started embracing gun rights instead.

The supposedly new-and-improved gun-control lobby was convinced that conventional wisdom was out of date. It set out to convince politicians that the landscape had changed….

They tried to sell that snake-oil that the NRA was finished and gun owner votes don’t matter.

Giron, Morse, et al bought it and drank it.

They found their analysis failed in an rather epic manner.

[The anti-gun types] needed to prove that they could protect the lawmakers whom they coaxed out on a limb. On Tuesday, they failed that test. Future lawmakers facing similar votes aren’t going to care about the particulars; they’re going to look at John Morse and Angela Giron and think, That’s going to be me. No thanks.

And that’s exactly what those pols need to think.

Respect our rights or expect to find yourself spending a lot more money on a tight campaign at best, and unemployed at worst.







8 thoughts on “The Death of Gun Control: Not so fast”
  1. The same thing needs to happen to the members of the Illinois general assembly that voted for HB1189 the Universal background checks law.

    My state senator told me personally the law is mandatory. He also told me he is willing to vote for the laws repeal.

    These laws violate my my religious beliefs. Christ commanded his followers too arm themselves. In the King James arms was interpreted as sword but in Hebrew the word means implement of destruction, which is arms

  2. the Left is already starting to put pro gun control / anti-2nd Amendment posts up on Twitter, Facebook, etc…

    It all seems too convenient… I’m not generally a conspiracy theorist, but this just screams “false flag” to me, coming right after the 2 gun control senators in Colorado lost their seats and right when the administration desparately needs something to draw the media’s attention away from the disastrous foreign policy blunders regarding Syria and Russia.

    Hold on to your butts, we’ll be plunged into another huge gun control / “assault rifle” ban push any day now.

  3. Remember “trust me” I’m HOPELESS change still applies. With the way Syria played out I thinking this is first time that White House has had TWO First Ladies in the same house.

  4. Hickenlooper is already saying that he was misunderstood on his stance on gun control and has since changed his mind. Really?

  5. Maybe those folks in Colorado should put up some billboard signs with the words ” Who’s NEXT ? “

  6. They didnt say the nra “turned on the money” . They said they turned it against them, which they did making it seem that out of state people were trying to control our state. If you are going to quote something quote what they actually said.

  7. What happened in Colorado needs to happen accros the USA.

    This is why i am against appeasement and compromise on the 2A.

    Make the left pay a price for gun control, never compromise!

    Thats why I am critical of the FOID card law which was a law of appeasement.

    This silly notion of appeasement by supporting Bad law because of the fear of a more severe bad law is stupid!

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