(Guns Save Life) – Mayor Bloomberg’s New York City Police, burdened with the so-called “New York Trigger”-equipped Glock pistols, fired up on a man acting berserk near Times Square in Manhattan on Saturday evening, September 14th.

Two officers from the city’s marksmanship team fired a total of three shots and scored two hits – vastly better than the average police shooting which says they make hits about 15% of the time.

The only problem is that it wasn’t the suspect that was hit, but instead a 54-year-old woman using a walker and a 35-year-old woman shot in the buttocks.  Welcome to New York City, ladies.  We hope you enjoy your visit!

Don’t blame the officers entirely.  They are saddled with the almost impossibly difficult to pull New York Trigger – an 11-pound pull monstrosity that will degrade anyone’s accuracy under stress.

It however, makes the gun-hating big-city leftists “feel” safer knowing their police officers are less likely to unintentionally discharge their firearms thanks to that 11-pound trigger.

7 thoughts on “NYPD marksmanship unit scores again”
  1. Good lord! I knew the NY trigger was heavy but didn’t realize it was 11 freakin’ pounds. Good luck to anyone trying to be accurate with a monstrosity like that.

  2. I believe the Smith & Wesson M&P has a trigger pull of 12 pounds. I had one of them, and thought there was a problem with it. Called the company, and was told it is made that way for the very reason mentioned in the article. It was a pain, and I got rid of it.

  3. The M&P trigger press is NOT 11 lbs. It’s a standard 4 to 5 1/2 lb.

    And the NY trigger, dumb as it is, is no different than many revolver triggers, or the first press on many de-cocker equipped pistols. Shitty shooting, generally, is a training issue, not an equipment issue.

  4. I wouldn’t lay so much of the blame on the NY Glock trigger . . . I’d lay more of blame the loose nuts (likely with poor training) behind it. Having shot a NY Glock Trigger (NY1/5.5# Connector), it’s shootable. It’s no USPSA Limited STI, but that trigger combination is capable of putting rounds on target . . . IF the person behind it is competent in its use.

    [sidenote]Now, combine the NY1 spring with a 3.5# connector, polish the internals and you’ve got my favorite Glock trigger combo ever. [/sidenote]

  5. Sadly very few police officers and same for miltary take the time required to become proficient with their primary duty handgun, rifle, or any other weapon even when classes are set up. Nobody can be proficient without continuous practice and excellent instruction. MAYBE ALL REGIONAL POLICE OFFICERS SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE A GSL CLASS OR TWO.

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