Yes!  It is a big news day.  Recreationally, you may have heard about yesterday’s release of Miley Cyrus’ new music video where she parades around half-naked licking sledge hammers suggestively.

Yeah, we were among nearly 20 million who watched it.  In HD.

We’re sure her daddy is so proud of his little girl and her decision-making skills.


In gun-related stuff:

The Colorado recall elections targeting the Democrat Senate President John Morse and Angela Giron are today.  Lots of money has poured in and the early good news as far as gun rights is the turnout among Republicans has be very strong and steady.

CO Dem: Gun Control Doomed if Recall Succeeds

(Breitbart) – Heading into the September 10th recall elections of Colorado state senators Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) and John Morse (D-Colorado Springs), it is important for voters to remember Giron’s admission that if either she or Morse falls it will be detrimental to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control dreams.

Giron’s said: “For Mayors Against Illegal Guns, if they even lose one of these seats, they might as well fold it up. And they understand that.”

Her comments came in a New Republic report from late August, around the same time that Bloomberg was dumping $350,000 into helping Giron and Morse stave off Colorado voters.

Maybe Colorado voters need to take Giron’s words to heart and think about it this way: a vote for Giron is a vote to prop up Bloomberg’s machine for future gun control pushes around the country, while a vote against Giron is a vote to stop Bloomberg’s runaway gun control agenda.


Michigan Open Carry in schools causes heartburn and angst


Gun haters go condition brown when parent walks into school legally open carrying

It’s the only legal way to carry your firearm outside of your car on school property in Michigan.

VIENNA TOWNSHIP, MI (mLive) — Police were called to a Clio-area elementary school this week after a father legally carried a loaded pistol on his waist into the school building while picking up his daughter.

School officials said the incident at Edgerton Elementary raised concerns in some staff and students but law enforcement officials said the father was within his rights to carry the gun.


Pima County, AZ taxpayers to pay dearly for trigger-happy SWAT cop murdering an innocent Iraqi vet

Add another zero and put some people in prison and it might actually give some people pause.

TUCSON, AZ (CBS5) – CBS 5 Investigates has learned that attorneys for Pima County have agreed to settle a case with the family of a slain Iraq War veteran, who was gunned down during a SWAT raid at the vet’s home.

In the original claim, Jose Guerena’s family demanded $20 million. The family’s attorney, Christopher Scileppi, confirmed that the sides has reached an agreement, but that it still needed the approval of the county board of supervisors and the court. He did not say how much the family would receive in the settlement.


Convicted perjurer Shellie Zimmerman may face new charges

Shellie Zimmerman says her estranged husband threatened her and her parents with a gun.

(USA Today) – The estranged wife of George Zimmerman opted not to press charges against her husband Monday after police in Florida responded to her sobbing 911 call reporting he had punched her father and was threatening them with a gun.

…Police allowed Zimmerman to go free Monday afternoon after questioning him outside the home where Shellie Zimmerman placed the 911 call. Police Chief Steve Bracknell said Shellie Zimmerman and her father decided not to press charges after consulting with an attorney.

Cops found no gun.

How big of her not to seek charges.

Maybe it’s time to charge her.

(ABC Action News) – Lake Mary Police are now questioning the validity of several statements Shellie Zimmerman made when she told 911 dispatchers her estranged husband, George Zimmerman, threatened her and her father at gunpoint Monday afternoon.

“We did not find a gun, did not locate a weapon,” said Zach Hudson, public information officer with the Lake Mary Police Department.  “Nobody ever saw a gun. A gun is not part of this story.”

Still, a gun was at the crux of the account Shellie Zimmerman provided to 911 dispatchers when calling for help.

“He continually has his hand on his gun and he keeps saying, ‘Step closer.’  He is just threatening all of us,”  Shellie can be heard telling dispatchers.




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  1. I ha ve bad news for Illinois gun owners.
    I talked to my State senator today and was told the “NEW” universal background checks law is “Mandatory.

    I have also been told by the ISRA the NRA supported the Background checks bill HB1189 over the objections of the ISRA.

    The ISRA wants the new law repealed. my senator is one of only 15 senators to vote against the law. He is also willing to repeal it given the chance

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