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A little hot lead buckshot therapy ends a one-man crime wave in Kansas City.

It all happened Wednesday as a home invader, carjacker and burglar led police on a chase in a stolen car.

A couple of stolen cars later, he ended up in the “wrong” neighborhood – one where a majority of the residents have guns and a willingness to use them to end any violent and tumultuous criminal enterprise that barges into their residences.

We love how KCTV describes what ultimately brought the violence to a truncated conclusion:

The criminal’s spree ended when a man, his wife and their baby woke up when they heard the burglar kicking in a garage door as he attempted to steal the family vehicle. Police said the homeowner grabbed his shotgun. The homeowner headed downstairs and confronted Robinson, whom police found dead inside the garage.

Now that, friends, is a happy ending.

We wish the homeowner the best in his post-incident coping with the fallout from using deadly force to defend his family.

We hope the family suffers minimal negative fallout and are thankful they are okay.

If they come upon this, our message is short and simple:  We’re glad you’re okay and thankful and grateful you handled the situation in the manner you did, sparing other innocents from the possibility of death or great injury.  If you need anything, don’t be afraid to reach out to friends or family to help.

Here’s the TV story of the incident.  The written story is here.




3 thoughts on “We love happy endings: KC crime spree ends with homeowner’s shotgun blast”
  1. Yep. I’d say to the homeowner: “YOU did not cause the situation, the criminal did. It’s unfortunate that you were forced to take action, but you absolutely did the right thing in protecting your family. The fault lies squarely on the criminal. I’m glad you and your family are safe, and God Bless.”

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