Marvell Weaver’s going to have a scar to show the girls when he gets out of prison. In the meantime, he’ll have have plenty of chances to show it off to his fellow prisoners.


An “urban youth” named Marvell Weaver in Lansing, Michigan chose poorly when he decided he was going to use a stun gun to initiate an attack against a man with his daughter.

Marvell chose poorly.

And paid the price.

His victim?  Was a concealed carry permit holder and he was packing heat.


Point ’em out, knock ’em out’: Brutal game ends when assault victim fires his concealed handgun

Lansing, MI (mlive) – The game was called “point ’em out, knock ’em out,” and it was as random as it was brutal.

The object: Target an innocent victim for no other reason than they are there, then sucker punch him or her.

But on this day in Lansing, there would be no punch. The teen-age attacker had a stun gun. He did not know his would-be victim was carrying a legally concealed pistol.

The teen lost the game.

‘I wasn’t sure if it was a knife’

The 17-year-old in gym shorts approached his target. The 28-year-old Lansing man was waiting for his daughter at her school-bus stop at REO Road and Ballard Street.

Marvell Weaver, would-be polar bear hunter.

…Weaver approached his victim from behind, a black KL-800 Type Stun Gun in his pocket. It is capable of generating 1.8 million volts.

He passed him and turned back, pressed the stun gun into the victim’s side. Again and again, and … nothing. It had fired earlier when testing it, he would later tell police.

“The button was like stuck down … or something. I don’t know what caused it not to work,” according to a transcript of Weaver’s statement.

‘Please don’t kill me’

The intended victim moved quickly, pulling his stainless steel .40-caliber Smith and Wesson. It had a full 10-bullet magazine, and was worth about $900 police estimated.

He shot Weaver in his buttocks as the teen turned to flee.

“It happened so fast I wasn’t sure. I just know something was shoved into my side. I wasn’t sure if it was a knife, if it was anything,” he told police.

Weaver ran, sat down across the street, his leg going numb, bleeding. Pleading.

“‘I’m sorry, please don’t kill me, I don’t know why I did that, I’m high you know, I just wanna go home,’” the teen told the man who had just shot him.


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