93 year old assault victim Amelia Rudolf talks with Anderson Police Chief Larry Crenshaw as her daughter Carol Fite holds her hand before the start of a news conference about formal charges being filed in her case. (Caption by Herald-Bulletin)


Folks, you don’t have to be a helpless victim.

Empower yourself.  Become a gun owner.  Get training.

This applies to your loved ones as well.  Help them empower themselves.  Help them become a gun owner and to get training.  Would anyone want this to happen to their mother / grandmother?  Have you done anything to help them resist an attack such as this?


Rape victim survived ‘horrific’ attack, police say

Teen charged with attack on 93-year-old

Anderson, IN (The Herald Bulletin) — Amelia Rudolf, 93, has been staying with family since July 16, when she was subjected to what Anderson Police Chief Larry Crenshaw called a “horrific and unimaginable” attack in her own home.

“I would like to go back because it’s the house that my husband built for me and my family,” Rudolf said Monday afternoon during a news conference at the Anderson Police Department. “And I’ve been happy there all my life until just now.”

But Rudolf’s not sure that she’ll be able to go back after a man broke into her home that night in July and sexually assaulted her. Maybe after some time has passed, she said.

Mr. (Allegedly) Anal Rapist of elderly women.

Her alleged attacker, Iquise V. Taylor, 17, was arrested Friday and, already incarcerated at the Madison County Youth Center, waived onto adult court. Taylor was formally charged Monday with rape, criminal confinement, strangulation, burglary and violation of probation.

The attack happened after midnight on July 16 in Rudolf’s home, in the 3600 block of Hamilton Place in the Polish Acre neighborhood.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Taylor kicked in Rudolf’s locked back door and confined her to the bed, covering her mouth with his hand and assaulting her. Nothing was reported stolen from the home and nothing was vandalized.

…Taylor, who initially denied the attack during an interview in early August, did provide a DNA sample to police that matched DNA taken from Rudolf, the affidavit said.


And then there’s this story.

New Haven, CT (New Haven Register) – Police arrested a 35-year-old New Haven man on gun charges among others after an allegedly unprovoked attack on a 71-year-old man.

Jorge DelaPaz was arrested on charges of assault in the third degree of an elderly person, carrying a dangerous weapon, carrying a pistol without a permit, criminal posession of a pistol and interfering with police.

Police say on Sunday, Aug. 25, the elder New Haven man was eating a hamburger in the Goffe Street Park following a Toni Harp mayoral campaign-sponsored event that afternoon when he was approached by the 35-year-old. Police say DelaPaz told the elder white male that he shouldn’t be “in his park where young black kids are playing”. When the man refused an order from DelaPaz to pick up a football, DelaPaz punched the man multiple times in the face, knocking him to the ground. Police say several witnesses supported the victim’s account of the unprovoked attack.


And this case, similar to the first one we profiled in this post.

Hudson Valley, New York (NBC New York) – A man has been arrested and charged with murdering a 99-year-old Hudson Valley woman who was found dead in her home Wednesday morning.

Jovan Tyrek Rogers, 20, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and robbery in connection with the death of Fannie Gumbinger, whose body was discovered in her Poughkeepsie home, according to police. Gumbinger was just shy of her 100th birthday.

The Dutchess County medical examiner had said that Gumbinger died of multiple injuries.

Gumbinger’s husband died five years ago, and she lived alone, according to neighbors.

Police said Rogers is also a suspect in several recent burglaries in the area.



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  1. Apparently these people, and I use the term loosely, didn’t hear the Rev Jessie Jackson’s recent comment. These actions should be frowned upon. As strong as that statement was they just must have missed it. Jim.

  2. And when John Derbyshire writes something similar, he loses his job. There seems to be a lot of anger and rage against whites in all three cases. None was about property, all were about humiliation and causing pain in these attacks. All three apparently were not strangers to law enforcement prior to these events, yet the courts turn them back out. Wouldn’t wanna appear “racist” by locking up these fine men…when will it become apparent there is a greater number of white-hating blacks than the reverse? And before you trolls come after me, the greatest threat to young black men is OTHER young black men.

  3. If O’Blowme had a son, he’d look just like each one of these black bastards (wait, if he’s their daddy?????????……….).

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