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This, this is why you guys cannot, and should not be taken seriously. I know three black officers, two former SAS and one a Marine Recon that my dad got to know, two were in ‘Nam, the other served in multiple operations throughout the 70s and 80s and 90s. They are ten times the marksmen, no, 100x the marksmen and shooters as your average gun-range regular or bigoted gun advocate like yourself. And I can gaurantee that they would END you.

I know no shortage of good men who happen to be black.  Not a one of them would take up arms in a “race war”.  Sounds like you’re wishing to engage in a virtual penis measuring contest.  We’ll decline to participate.

The way you talk about blacks is disgusting, your disrespect for them shows how much you respect your own intellect, which clearly isn’t very much. It’s sad, truly sad. My parents, who marched for civil rights, my mom, who was a Freedom Rider, and the men and women who went down to the south and got pelted, lynched, raped, beat on and everything else haven’t seen this kind of resurgance of racism since then, and it’s appalling.

We call ’em like we see them and some ghetto denizens aren’t worth the bullet to put them down.  That’s why we like the idea of bringing back the hangman for public executions for heinous crimes.  We can re-use the rope.

Make no mistake, most black folks are like most white folks:  they are good people.

Where was that giant EMP blast, again? Summer is just about over. And what will you have to say if we get a republican president in 2016 and by 2020 the country is worse off? Will you STILL blame Obama?

Fun fact: (go ahead and google it) 44% of the GOP in Louisiana aren’t sure who is to blame for the way Katrina was handled, Bush, or Obama. Obama who was a 1st term senator in a completely different state. 23% think it’s his fault. Yeah, the GOP is TRULY informed *rolls eyes*

All this to say. Most liberal-libertarians, moderate conservatives, moderate democrats, socialist-libertarian-democrats (like Noam Chomsky) are willing to work with those who are, y’know, sane. Disagreement is part of a democracy, but racism is dying out and so are the people like you. Racism has no place in modern politics or policy or decision-making, it never got us anywhere before, it sure as shit won’t get us anywhere now. “Cold Race War?”

Tell you waht, if you’re such a badass, e-mail me, come down to where I live, a predominantly black area and tell these people what you think of them. Most will think you aren’t worth it, in which case they are “pussies” the ones that do kick your ass will “only be proving your point” or some such shit. So no matter which way you play it you somehow come out thinking your shit doesn’t stink. It’s fucking pathetic.

Now go ahead and throw some unclever bullshit insults my way and defend your racism a bit by throwing out some rabidly hateful reasons for why y ou think it’s okay to clump all black people together. Such original thoughts as: “They owned slaves in Africa!” or “They sold their own people to us to use back then” (as if that excuses either party , and of course someone like you thinks all blacks are the same yet you seem to grasp the concept that not all whites are the same, that we come from different heritages, languages, cultures. SO DO BLACK PEOPLE)

Ugh…why do I bother…Sites like this make me second-guess being a gun-owner. NOT the so called “left-wing propaganda” it’s YOU guys. You guys are the ones who are turning rational gun owners off by acting so fucking batshit crazy. Which, ironically, would leave nothing but you crazy fucks around and you would then begin your beloved war.

Though I bet you shit yourself once the bullets start flying.

EMP?  Profanity? Threats?

Go buy yourself some more aluminum foil.

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  1. Wow! GSL must be seriously nibbling on the truth, to generate this level of trolling ( A Standard Troll Message rarely exceeds three sentences). The poor troll sounds angry and disturbed – in order to keep his alleged gun, should he have his background and mental health evaluated?

  2. You still haven’t said anything that YOU. Have done only what other people have done I think that I suggested that if you don’t like us stay. Away Like get lost its evident you’ve never done anything good. And your language is not acceptable. And it proves that you aren’t really very bright you have swear. To express yourself which sends a message to readers. About your intelligence. Which Is. Very low. Bye!!!

  3. …and who was it that was doing the pelting, lynching, and raping? Could it have been the southern DEMOCRATS? No, say it isn’t so! The same party that most blacks support today. I guess they just love that plantation life more than we can imagine.

  4. Wow, isn’t it time you went back to grade school? Your ramblings are just that, ramblings with no clear objective or intellectual thought process. Its clear that you got your insightful news from the internet.

  5. This one scares me. He’s obviously an intelligent black. Yet he has such hatred for whitey it’s petrifying. When the race war heats up, they may end up with “leaders” like him. I mean, a .308 will put an end to that, no matter what, but still.

    Did you think they weren’t out there? I dare any of ya to litigate in a chitcago court. the black judges there might as well wear “I effing hate whitey!” badges. The racism is not even veiled.

    Let’s just get it on.

  6. How does he get time to write so much gibberish?
    Is he paid to post on this site by the left?
    Is that you Rahm or your boy friend Pat Quinn or some one that works for you?

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