How ironic.

The very people tasked with enforcing Chicago’s ludicrous (and now former) firearm registration program are now the only people in the city required to do so now that Illinois’ carry law has been passed.

The new concealed carry law pre-empted local gun registration, however Chicago Police general orders require Chicago’s cops to register their guns.  They always got a pass as to the types and kinds of guns they could register that the average citizen couldn’t.

Today, they have to do what the average citizen doesn’t have to do.

How sweet is that?

We’ll see how long this remains in force.

Our guess is about as long as it takes Police Superintendent McFecalMatterForBrains to draft a change in Chicago Police’s General Orders.

Second City Cop broke the story...

Just so everyone is made aware. The only people subjected to firearms registration is active Chicago Police Officers. State law has eliminated this for everyone including retired CPD. The only reason that firearms registration is still in existence is because by General Orders, active CPD are required to have their duty firearms registered. Active CPD are also the only ones still required to register their non duty weapons as well. State law has exempted everyone else from this. Also because of the CC law, the CFP (Chicago Firearms Permit) is no longer in effect so anything associated with it, fingerprints, classes, etc are no longer required. You can now legally have an unregistered firearm in your house in Chicago without having or needing a CFP. The only thing that would be required is a valid FOID card. That’s it.

You don’t have to believe me. Feel free to contact the Chicago Police Gun Registration Section at 312-745-5164 to verify.

So now we have to get the General Order rescinded so we can enjoy the freedom legally that everyone else has. And people look at me funny when I describe us as second class citizens. This is a great example of why we are…