Guns Save Life is located smack in the middle of flyover country in the good old USA.  In fact, we’re within a few miles of the Center of the Universe, Philo, IL, but that’s a story for another time.

It’s nice to know that one of the old-timers of pro-gun rights blogging, Days of Our Trailers, is located less than an hour away.

We’re not sure where Roy K. got the name for his blog, we’re grateful for his fine job acting as a giant sand burr under the saddles of purveyors of strict gun control in the world of social media.  Roy shines the light of truth on their lies, deceptions and skullduggery – and it drives them batty.

Roy details their most recent attempt to muddy the waters about gun control ran smack dab into Days of our Trailers.

In short, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (Hired Guns to Stop Gun Ownership might be a better name for them, and no, we’re not going to link to them to drive them any traffic) claimed that the murder rate in Murder City, USA – Chicago, IL – is but a mere 6.4 homicides per 100,000 people in an effort to prove that Chicago’s antiquated strict gun control laws work.

In the small print at the bottom of the page, it notes the statistic refers to the Chicago “Metropolitan Statistical Area”, not Chicago proper.  The Chicago MSA covers territory from Indiana to Wisconsin!  Most folks don’t realize that though.

To quote Roy:  “The REAL homicide rate for the CITY of Chicago, where all the laws they want are in place, is 15.94/100k for the year of 2011.”

Really though, what do you expect from CSGV?  They don’t have science, facts or logic on their side.

They rely on fears, emotions and outright deception to sell their snake oil schemes to disarm Americans.

Earlier this week, the anti-gun team’s playbook became public.  In it, they coach paid anti-gun activists to lean hard on emotions and fears to advance their agenda of civilian disarmament.

They ignore the real issues involving violence, particularly in big cities.


8 thoughts on “CSGV caught red-handed: Lies broken down.”
  1. yeah – ban guns, because ‘safety’!

    Not even these assclowns can seriously belive that the murder rate in affluent areas in Lake County (north shore RINO’s and rich lefties) is just the same as the war zone ghettoes in the city where you get 5-7 dead, and double digit shot on any given summer weekend.

    Liars, trying to trick fools …

  2. Sheeple’s brain has been replaced by crunchy peanut nut butter for better low information processing.

  3. I see (or don’t see) that the CSGV didn’t include statistics for Washington DC. Gee, I wonder why that might be??

    1. if they included Virginia and the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area they might get a similar number

  4. interesting..

    Detroit: run by Democrats since 1962. (now in bankruptcy)
    New Orleans: run by Democrats since 1936.
    Chicago: run by Democrats since 1931.
    Baltimore: run by Democrats since 1967.
    Birmingham: run by Democrats since 1975.
    Philadelphia: run by Democrats since 1952.
    Memphis: run by Democrats since 1991. (current mayor is member of MAIG)
    St. Louis: run by Democrats since 1949.

  5. The old saw regarding lies, damned lies and statistics comes into play here. One has to also wonder just how far down in murder stats the entire US drops if one ‘disregards’ those particular cities………..
    Unfortunately there are a host of useful idjits who are more than willing to ‘believe’ anything they are doled out……..

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