Todd Vandermyde, the NRA’s man in Springfield.

The Chicago City Council rushed through modifications of their “gun control” ordinance.  Among the changes, is a “student safety zones” penalty enhancement for possessing a gun while in one of these zones and the other deals with so-called “evil” guns with a capacity over some arbitrary limit set by the political hacks in Chicago City government.

The only problem?

Under the new carry law enacted, the state has sole regulatory power over transporting firearms.  So long as a firearm is transported legally under state law, there’s nothing Chicago police can do about it.

Sure, they can arrest folks on an ordinance violation, but that would be exposing them to a Deprivation of Civil Rights Under Color of Authority civil rights action (sometimes called a 1983 lawsuit).

So it would seem that fanny pack carry (unloaded, encased, by a FOID card holder) has just been legalized in the City of Chicago with the passage of the new carry law.

I might have to go to Chicago one of these weekends soon.  If the violent crime declines, that is!

Todd Vandermyde, the NRA-ILA’s man in Springfield lays it all out for the readers of Second City Cop today.

Here’s the money quotes:

In short, without great fanfare, the City gutted their new proposal. After the Corp Counsel being questioned by one alderman about my assertions and getting a non-answer answer, it appears they have admitted our interpretation of the issue is correct. Otherwise, why the capitulation? Why this slight of hand change?

Could it be the $2 plus million they have paid out to NRA and SAF attorneys? They fact that we are 3 – 0 in our lawsuits?


Our litigation has embolden gun owners in the City. Any CPD officer should carefully weigh any decision on arresting someone under the municipal ordinance for a mere possession, transportation or carrying by a person with a FOID card or carry license. It would seem prudent that any decision to arrest one of these individuals should clearly document supervisor’s and commanders directive to do so. As 1983 seems to be the favorite numbers these days.

Todd added as an aside:

I really want your guys to understand that there are a bunch of gun guys who are itching for 1983 suits against the city and will name everyone involved. I don’t want to see a good cop jammed up on a civil suit because a supervisor made a political decision to kiss ass and get hung out in Court.


Todd Vandermyde will be at Tuesday, August 13th’s GSL meeting in Rantoul, IL if you want to ask him questions and hear about the latest happenings in Springfield.

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  1. Don’t do it, John! It’s not worth your life to play legal lotto and go for a 1983 suit … hard to argue your rights have been violated if you get perforated or beat to death by the out-of-control mobs up there!

  2. I was wondering about anybodys reaction to Section 30(b)(3)”a waiver of the applicant’s privacy…”? Something about this statement seems very wrong.

  3. No. Don’t. Be afraid to go. Just don’t go ALONE. Take me and a few. Others with you. And. Don’t get separated very far !!!!! Waiting for a call !!!

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