Look at that hat.

You would think some politicians really want one of those badly, passing short-sighted gun bans last week in their home-rule communities.

Congratulations, gun-hating city leaders in seven home-rule units in Illinois (plus Cook County):   You’ve just taped a giant bulls-eye on your back for the NRA’s attorneys to launch their legal processes to roll back your unconstitutional legislative solutions in search of a problem.

We’re sure the legal beagles in those cities believe their new laws pass muster.

But then again, so did Chicago’s lawyers before Otis McDonald came along — and Chicago can pay higher salaries and attract major league talent when it comes to municipal law, unlike little bergs like Highland Park.

We are grinning here because this means your cities will be writing nice, six- or seven-figure checks to the NRA in the coming months or years to pay for their willful infringement on the rights of their respective cities’ residents and visitors.

We also chuckle because despite Rahm and company paying over a million dollars to the NRA, they still haven’t gotten so much as a free NRA cap.

You just can’t fix stupid.

But you can pay to fix it with a big enough check.

And somewhere along the lines, residents will get tired of their taxes being used so foolishly by low-information elected officials and kick them to the curb.

Enjoy passage of those local ordinances, boys and girls.  Bask in your short-lived, soon-to-be expensive glory.

It won’t last.


From the NRA-ILA:

 Illinois: Many Local Governments Rush to Enact Last-Minute Gun Bans, But Few Succeed in Circumventing Statewide Regulation of Firearms

With enactment into state law of concealed carry legislation, House Bill 183, a new fight for gun rights in Illinois was started.  A clause included in this new law allowed home rule local governments to enact their own so-called “assault weapon” bans within ten days of House Bill 183’s enactment.  In the days preceding and immediately following enactment, a flurry of city council meetings were scheduled to discuss or pass a ban on popularly owned semi-automatic firearms.

Approximately sixty different local meetings were scheduled in total, and many Illinois NRA members and gun owners attended those meetings and contacted their local officials in opposition to these hastily crafted restrictions.  Due to the efforts of those law-abiding citizens defending their Second Amendment rights, only seven new “assault weapon” bans were enacted throughout the state (listed below) before the deadline – Friday, July 19.

 If you or anyone you know have been arrested or harassed under a local ban or ordinance, please contact the NRA Legislative Counsel’s office at (703) 267-1161.

Localities with new bans:

Other local governments passed ordinances pertaining to firearms storage and transportation. Those localities include:

  • Country Club Hills
  • Deerfield
  • University Park
  • Winnetka

Thank you to all members who attended local meetings and voiced their opposition to bans or unreasonable regulations on firearms commonly owned for self-defense. While Illinois now has concealed carry, continued vigilance is necessary to ensure protection of our rights.  Your NRA-ILA will continue to fight unreasonable restrictions and will keep you updated.

7 thoughts on “Plaintiffs wanted: New Illinois gun bans soon to face expensive litigation.”
  1. Not just the NRA. Second Amendment Foundation, Illinois State Rifle Association, and others will be there to help releive these cities of cash they apparently don’t need for their residents.

    How many lives will these bans save? Zero; they will just result in the hassling of otherwise law-abiding citizens exercising their second amendment rights.

  2. Congratulations, NRA! Now that GOA and SAF have shown how it’s done, you’ve finally realized it IS possible to defend the 2nd amendment!

    Will wonders never cease?

  3. I wish they would start in Skokie. I attended the meeting
    it was 50 to 1 aginst, but they passed it anyway

  4. I hope every anti-gun city in this state gets their rear ends taken to the cleaners.
    The anti-gunners are driven by insanity. Just look at the above comment.
    50-1 against but they voted for a ban anyway. CRAZY!

  5. Don’t let chicago and crook county off the hook either! Screw that little ballerina and that other idiot prekweasle.

  6. Now. Now. Don’t. Speak. Harshly. Of. Ballerina. Boy. And. Ms. Pecweasel. You know they are just trying. To impress. Someone. Hard. Telling who, voters I guess. What else Are THESE. Politicians. Good for. They both got. Armed guards. To protect. Them. But they. Won’t give you anyone. To protect you. Or do they want. You to protect yourself. Next thing , They’ll probably. Make it illegal. To posess CONDOMS –“”–

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