Gateway Pundit reports that George Zimmerman’s gun has been seized for “evidence” by the Department of Justice.

Breaking: DOJ Has Seized George Zimmerman’s Gun… Without Charge!

Posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, July 18, 2013, 4:28 PM

The Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman of murder charges on Saturday.

But that wasn’t enough for the Obama Administration.
DOJ has seized George Zimmerman’s gun, without charge!

.George Zimmerman’s gun today at SanfordPD. Police confirm DOJ has placed a hold on all evidence from the case.

This insanity must end.

George Zimmerman:  Contact me, John Boch, at templar223 at  I’ve got a replacement Kel-Tec P-11 9mm pistol, just like your old one (only a little better) that I’ll donate to you.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.  I’m tired of doing nothing.

Get me the contact info of your favorite FFL and I’ll arrange shipment.


22 thoughts on “DOJ seizes Zimmerman’s gun “for evidence”; replacement gun offered”
  1. John Boch… you’re a real patriot.

    I think we could take up a collection on any second Tuesday night to replace that P-11, and we should. Perhaps it’s time for GSL to start a “replacement tool fund” for situations like this.

  2. Great move John. Ill. Help to raise money to buy. You another one !!!!!–“”–

  3. With all the death threats maybe something better than a KelTec would be better. I like mine for a back up and really hot weather carry but I think a glock 19 would be better.

  4. You know, if he asked me for a G19, I think I could probably set him up. Frankly, I think he could use an AR-15.


  5. That is a noble thing to do for him sir, and I think we should possibly see that he gets set-up with a full-size pistol and a PDW like an AR-15. Someone is going to make a move on him now that he’s unarmed, I am expecting that much to happen and I think that’s why they took it from him again. If I were Zimmerman I’d sue the DOJ while buying another pistol.

  6. Outstanding! I agree. At the start of this I was just a self-defense supporter but now I am outraged! They are right when they say civil rights have been abused. George Zimmerman’s rights…..Mr.Boch you are a true American and a patriot!

  7. My understanding is that George Zimmerman had already gotten his gun back, I would double check this information to make sure that this actually occurred because it was reported that he got his gone and all of his other personal items right after they left the courthouse.

    1. OOps that was supposed to have read got his gun and all of his other personal items after he left the courthouse.

  8. Holder just took it to sell it to his fast and furious buddies down south. It’s even hard for him to get guns and ammo these days.

  9. George, I will give you a Mossberg 500 . With what you are facing you can’t have enough firepower. 3″mag#4buck works extremely well out to 40yds. Wish I could help more.

  10. That is inspiring to see that everyone is sticking together to help Mr. Zimmerman. Nice touch Mr. Boch. Is there more that we can do? Mr. Holder and the NAACP and a few choice others are going to do anything they can to destroy this mans life. I agree that Mr. Zimmerman needs protection at home and out side the home and an AR would be a really nice touch for him and his family, but is there anything we can do as patriots to take a stand on the legal issues also? He was found not guilty and should by law be done right there.

    1. Correct, the pic in this article is a P-11, which is not GZ’s gun. He had a PF-9. Very popular model in the CCW world.

  11. I remember years ago a situation where the police refused to return a pistol to its owner even after the owner was found not guilty. The man’s attorney filed a writ of “haebeus pistola”, likely the first such action in an American court. He won his argument and the gun was returned.

  12. I see that the Illionis state Police has ignored ther requirements of the Coneal Carry Law by noy have a list of instructors and classes available on Sept 9th as required. More delaying tactics.

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