Poor Garry McCarthy.

The police chief who said he would train his officers to shoot licensed civilians with guns six months ago.

Talk is cheap.

Today, he’s telling his officers not to arrest licensed civilians with guns and not to enforce Chicago City ordinances.


D. Members will not enforce the following city ordinances:
  • 1. 8-4-010(i) – Disorderly Conduct in that a person carries in a threatening or menacing manner, without authority of law, any pistol or revolver or conceals said weapon on or about the person or vehicle.
  • 2. 8-20-020 – Unlawful Possession of Handguns
  • 3. 8-20-030 – Unlawful Possession of Long Guns
  • 4. 8-20-035 – Unlawful Possession of Unregisterable Firearms – relative to 8-20-170(b) and (c)
  • 5. 8-20-040 – Firearm Kept or Maintained in a Home
  • 6. 8-20-080 – Possession of Ammunition
  • 7. 8-20-110 – Chicago Firearm Permit (CFP) – Required
  • 8. 8-20-140 – Firearm Registration Certificate – Required
  • 9. 8-20-180 – CFP and Registration Certificate – General Provisions
  • 10. 8-20-185 – Additional Duties.
7 thoughts on “Chicago police chief quietly announces changes in gun enforcement in Chicago”
  1. The kingfish will likely use this move as fodder when next weekend’s shooting toll is counted.

    Can’t you hear him already…
    “SEE, I toldyaso. Look at the mayhem in our streets NOW! People are getting shot all weekend NOW! All because we had to stop enforcing these ‘reasonable’ laws”

    1. Are you somehow implying that he’s cynical And stupid? Streetlights are trembling on their poles.

    2. How could someone the works for Rahm be stupid? Oh wait! They would have to be stupid! My bad.

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