Angela Corey, the special prosecutor who brought charges against George Zimmerman. Screen cap via Legal Insurrection.

Legal Insurrection has been doing yeoman’s work summarizing each day’s events at the Zimmerman trial.

Today, they took the opportunity to summarize the State’s case thus far.


As the State prepares to rest its case against George Zimmerman as early as tomorrow, I can’t help but juxtapose where we ought to be in terms of the weight of evidence of Zimmerman’s guilt of second degree murder, and contrast it with where we are. The gap is of Grand Canyon proportions.

…Worst of all, however, is the fact that ALL of these foundational claims of the affidavit for probable cause were known to be untrue at the time the affidavit was sworn to and filed with the court.

If you are following this case at all, Legal Insurrection is a great place to get the legal run-down in one place.

And, for the record, this particular analyst still believes that Angela Corey will be disbarred when this case has run its course.  She’ll be bankrupted, personally, by the coming civil suit and quite possibly like Michael Nifong, may face jail time for her actions in the case.


2 thoughts on “Zimmerman trial update”
  1. I wish I had done it but I hope that if someone has not already developed a Cliff Notes version of what the testimony was on each day of the trail. The prosecution put on a comprehensive case and the defense was able to use cross examination to built the case for the defense to a large extent before the state rested their case. I am still hearing the media’s explanation of the events on that fatal night being stated as if it were fact. I would hate to be a juror because so much of the process is so boring and seemingly non-productive.

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