Wow.  Check this out.  An Illinois prosecutor willing to publicly say “I won’t prosecute” a law-abiding person carrying a concealed firearm for self-defense.

There are a number of prosecutors in central and southern Illinois who feel the same way, but most won’t publicize it.

Kudos to Tom Gibbons.


EDWARDSVILLE (Telegraph) – Madison County’s top prosecutor says citizens may lawfully carry concealed firearms “under very narrow limits,” in the wake of a court ruling that soon makes Illinois an “unrestricted” state.

State’s Attorney Thomas Gibbons issued a May 28 opinion for local police agencies, but amplified it on Thursday amid mounting questions from residents and gun owners.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by phone calls, and they are 99 percent positive from the public,” he said, referring to the ruling.

He said a citizen can carry a weapon lawfully and will not be prosecuted by his office if they meet seven qualifications, among them possessing a valid Firearms Owner Identification Card; carrying a fire

arm for self-defense; and keeping a firearm concealed on their person or in a vehicle.



Here are the conditions:

Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons recently issued this memo regarding when citizens may carry a concealed, loaded firearm “on their person or in a vehicle.”

People must meet these conditions:

1. Must be issued and possess a valid F.O.I.D. card or, if not an Illinois resident, a valid concealed carry permit from a state that performs a background check prior to issuance of the permit; and

2. Must be carrying the firearm for self-defense; and

3. Must not be prohibited from possession of a firearm under another statute or court order; and

4. Must keep the firearm concealed on their person or in their vehicle, and not visible to the public; and

5. Must not be engaged in any criminal conduct; and

6. Must be in compliance with all other federal, state and local laws and ordinances; and

7. Must, when asked, inform law enforcement officers of the firearm when in contact with an officer in the course of their duties. It is essential that individuals cooperate with any police officer and inform them of the presence of the firearm prior to removing it from its concealed location. Displaying the firearm at a public location or without the request or knowledge of an officer could constitute a violation of the law.

9 thoughts on “Madison County Prosecutor: We won’t prosecute carry by FOID cardholders”
  1. As a CCW holder from Missouri I applaud Mr. Gibbons for his foresight and good sense. Your Lamebrained governor and Maddog Madigan and his loony daughter should be run out of this country on a rail.

  2. Cloning isn’t yet possible, is it?

    If so, I’d suggest we seize his DNA with/without a legitimate court order and do it ASAP. (Sorta like they’re doing with our cell phone records and emails!)

    Finally a voice of reason within the IL borders! Who’d have thunk it possible?!?!?!?

    THANKS, Tom! Admire you!

  3. Someone should ask our Champaign County DA. Nah we know the answer : not only no but hell no, I will prosecute the gun owner to the fullest by God. I’ll charge them even after the state gets ccw just for the fun of it.

  4. Madison County sounds like a great place to ride my motorcycle to buy a cheeseburger and a soda pop along with a tank or two of gas. Folks, spend your money where you have support and DON”T do anything stupid while you’re there.

  5. God Bless this man and all the others…. read for them Psalms Ch. 109. This is the last line of defense of the People to be free from government tyranny. It is almost impossile to comprehend the Liberal/Communists mind. They rail about the “Elite’s” use of money to buy influence in government but demand that government be handed over to a goup of “Elites”. Do they think all the liberal/communist politicians are poor folk??? I appears they would trade one group of tyrants for another, its mind boggling…

    Demoncrats and Retards they have nothing to do with the people and only create division to promote their own position to fill their pockets or lord it over the People.

  6. Much as I like Mr. Gibbons’ attitude, we must remember that there’s a state prosecutor that prosecutes state law violations in his county as well. It’s still not a free county in a non-free state.

  7. Unfortunately, this voice of reason and sanity will now be directly targeted by his corrupt and incompetent peers and most likely will be out of office soon. The powers that be can’t have true representative government gaining a foothold in Illinois! The next thing you know there will be a actual, reasonable state budget or state pensions will be 100% funded!

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