Poor Tio feels shipwrecked and abandoned after getting fired from his cushy job running CeaseFire – a group that hires gang members to be “interrupters” to “prevent” crime.  (And the U of I Chicago runs this farce?)

That’s after (allegedly) beating and kicking his wife so badly she had bruises and swelling the next morning.

Chicago (Tribune) – The longtime head of an anti-violence group that works to stem gang shootings in Chicago was dismissed Monday, just days after his arrest on a charge that he beat up his wife.

The University of Illinois at Chicago, which operates CeaseFire Illinois, said the contract of Tio Hardiman as director would not be renewed at the end of the month.

Reached by telephone, Hardiman said he felt betrayed by CeaseFire and its founder Dr. Gary Slutkin, who initially expressed support for him after the arrest Friday.

“I feel shipwrecked and abandoned,” Hardiman said Monday night. “I feel Dr. Gary Slutkin in particular is dead wrong with all of the heavy lifting I’ve done with CeaseFire during my entire career.”


…Over the weekend, Hardiman, 50, insisted on his innocence on the charge of misdemeanor domestic battery. He was accused of punching and kicking his wife, Alison, at their west suburban Hillside home, leaving her with a swollen lip, bruises and a cut on her neck. He was released from Cook County Jail and is due back in court Tuesday.

You’re right Tio.  It should have been FELONY domestic battery as you had an earlier conviction for beating ANOTHER woman from 1999.

Illinois Criminal Code of 2012

Domestic battery is a Class 4 felony if the defendant has … any prior conviction under the law of another jurisdiction for any offense that is substantially similar to the offenses listed in this Section, when any of these offenses have been committed against a family or household member. In addition to any other sentencing alternatives

6 thoughts on “Wife-beating head of CeaseFire dismissed; did you know the UIC runs CeaseFire?”
  1. Did you know how much money they are getting from government grants? (i.e., yours and my money?)

  2. UIC has a long history of hug-a-thug programs brought to you by your tax dollars and pointy headed do gooders with little real experience in the trenches. Like pouring tax money down a rathole.

  3. Chicago should take care of the criminals, the People that is. When you consider the number of people who own firearms in this country and the number od so called politicians and office holders that continually harrass and intimidate the People, it is a no brainer. Practice up folks… Its gonna happen, it may not be the way everyone thinks but these “criminals” have let the police run free reign in order to put the people dawn and keep them down. Thats why they want a third world population base as a voting block in this country, they are already dumbed down.

    If you are Black and think this is a racial rant you are wrong. If you are of Hispanic background and think this is a racial rant you are wrong. We are all People and we all suffer because of the injustice of a system that catagorically abuse the people. Do you think it matters who “appears” to be incharge???? As soon as your usefulness is used up you will be treated the same way.

    We could all live in peace and relative prosperity if we just run them the hell off. There are enough of us and color is a natrual thing, Black, White or Poka Dotted… it makes no difference in the end. As soon as we all get that in our heads the sooner we can clean up this nest of vopers and just be People.

    God Bless You All

  4. I’ll say by by and good radiance to him while I kiss my fine and lovely bride of 32 years good night.

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