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Amendment 1 of SB0851.  In a nutshell, before you (FFLs or regular citizens) can sell firearms or ammunition to anyone, in addition to seeing their FOID card, you’ll have to call an 800 number to check the validity of said FOID card.


THE Todd, Todd Vandermyde, the NRA’s contract man in Springfield and the Field Marshal of pro-gun forces in Illinois, told me in recent days that we’re facing a couple of issues.

1.  A couple of downstate Democrats have aspirations for higher office and seem to be willing to trade representing their constituents interests for the blessings of gun control loving leftist Democrat Party of Illinois leaders in Chicago in their quest to get that party’s blessing in a run for higher office.  We’ll name names:  One in particular is Michael Frerichs, Democrat from the 52nd.

Mike’s had a proven record as fairly pro-gun in the past, but of late he’s indicated tacit support “any” carry bill and a “modest” magazine ban.

By the way:  The magazine ban being discussed does grandfather existing magazines, but they must be transported unloaded and encased.  That’s quite a grandfathering clause, isn’t it?

Now you see why we’re asking you to call?  So do it.


2.  There’s a “gotta do something” mentality among the Illinois legislators about guns.  George Soros’ money (through intermediaries) paid for Sandy Hook parents to come to Illinois to provide emotional testimony about their tragic loss in an effort to turn their tragic loss into OUR tragic loss as we would be unable to defend our families as effectively as we can now, thanks to arbitrary magazine limits and other silliness.  This “let’s do something” feeling is strong.  As we’ve all seen, feelings and emotions are tough to beat with science and logic when emotions are inflamed.


3.  Perhaps most disturbingly, some Republican Party big wheels are convinced Illinois’ Republican Party needs to “MODERATE” in order to be competitive in Illinois.

“How could they be so stupid?” was the first thing that came to my mind.

Can you say John McCain at the national level?

Hell, look at the candidates Republicans have run in Illinois and their success capturing state-wide offices in the past ten years.  It would seem the Illinois Republican party wants to double down on failure and, of course, the Democrats in Illinois are standing out of the way as they should.

Hence, apparently, why Christine Rodogno has gone soft on gun rights, and others like Matt Murphy aren’t far behind.  We must contact these individuals and stiffen their spines.  Remind them that guns save life for the good guys – and good guys are the ones affected by arbitrarily restrictions on their ability to defend their homes, families and selves.  Criminals aren’t going to obey mag limits any more than they obey laws against robbery or homicide.


4.  In short, we must “call them all” and remind them that Illinois gun owners are engaged, they vote, and they want no more regulations and restrictions.  We want shall issue carry and we want it IMPLEMENTED before June 9th.  No mag bans, no FOID call-ins.  All we want is a good, shall-issue law and we want it right now.



Call ’em.

Yeah, even if you called yesterday.  Keep the calls coming!


1.  Your Senator  Don’t know your senator’s numbers?  We can help.  Click here.


2.  Senator Christine Radogno (R)

Springfield Office:
Senator 41st District
108 Capitol Building
Springfield, IL   62706
(217) 782-9407
(217) 782-7818 FAX

District Office:
1011 State Street, Suite 210
Lemont, IL  60439
(630) 243-0800
(630) 243-0808 FAX


3.  Senator Matt Murphy (R)

Springfield Office:
Senator 27th District
108E Capitol Building
Springfield, IL   62706
(217) 782-4471
(217) 782-7818 FAX

District Office:
1 E. Northwest Highway, Suite 109
Palatine, IL  60067
(847) 776-1490
(847) 776-1494 FAX


4.  Senator Michael W. Frerichs (D)

Springfield Office:
Senator 52nd District
124 Capitol Building
Springfield, IL   62706
(217) 782-2507
(217) 558-6006 FAX

District Office:
45 E. University Avenue, Suite 206
Champaign, IL  61820
(217) 355-5252
(217) 355-5255 FAX
Additional District Addresses




8 thoughts on “Your mission today: CALL. Legislative update…”
  1. Frerichs has another office in Danville 217-442-5252, be nice the lady who answers the phone is very nice.

  2. I submit this FACT in direct relation to Sandy Hook parent testimony. Myself and several others I know personally SIGNED UP AND ASKED to speak at a hearing we had to give up copies of our IDs to even attend. But ALAS the ONLY ONES allowed to testify were organized lobby groups. Why is that? WHO made THAT decision and if it was the Madigan Machine, why didn’t the lobby groups then stand down “their” time in favor of WE THE PEOPLE who attended without our travel expenses paid for and of our own free will?

    Oh that’s right. We are only good enough when calls and wotness slips are “needed”. Interestingly, the witness slip numbers aren’t even pointed out on the record in hearing by those “allowed” to actually “testify”.

    Folks, we are being HAD. Might that truth hurt some people’s feelings? Yup but sometimes the truth hurts. We came to speak directly and were pushed aside by “our” own “allies”.
    With friends like this who needs……

    Sorry but I have no use for hearing about crying about Sandy Hook parents testifying when I witnessed so many come to speak for pro second amendment cause and be disallowed ABSENT OPEN SNAPPISHNESS by “front lines” warriors. There is no having cake and eating it too!

    1. Sen Murphy’s district mailbox still has room. The number as noted above: (847) 776-1490.

  3. Me thinks folks are gonna be calling some more…. But who they are calling and what they are saying might just change substantially. Ouch. Ill leave it at – bend iver and ummmm told ya so……

  4. We dont need to strengthen the stupid FOID card law, instead we need to repeal it

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