What to do, what to do?

I’ve been good all week, going to work and calling politicians on my lunch break.

What worthwhile thing can I do on a weekend? 

An orange-hatted instructor gives pointers on the prone position at an Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship and Heritage event.

There are plenty of things to do, and we here at Guns Save Life help you keep track of them.

There’s Appleseed, including the Guns Save Life sponsored Appleseed coming up at Darnall’s Ranges in Bloomington, IL on June 1 & 2.

There’s United States Riflemen’s Association (USRA).

There’s Illinois Department of Natural Resources Wingshooting Clinics.

There’s training opportunities, such as GSL Defense Training and other opportunities that can be found here:

And of course, there are lots of events at local clubs, gun shows, and other firearm-related events that can be found in every print edition of GunNews, starting on page 23.  Here’s a bit of that list, from the soon to be published June issue.


Appleseed Marksmanship and Heritage Events

June 1 & 2 – Darnall’s Gun Works and Ranges, Bloomington, IL.

June 1 & 2 – Aurora Sportsman’s Club, Waterman, IL.

June 15 & 16 – ISRA Range, Bonfield, IL.

June 29 & 30 – World Shooting & Rec. Complex, Sparta, IL.

July 13 & 14 – Bob Holland Farm, McLean, IL.

For info about these Appleseed events:  www.appleseedinfo.org; or email John Naese at johnnaese@comcast.net; or call him at 217-840-0246.

United States Riflemen’s Association

June 8 & 9 – NRA Basic Pistol & Introduction to Defensive Handgun, Aurora Sportsmens Club, Waterman, IL.

June 22 – Introduction to Defensive Handgun, Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club, Chillicothe, IL.

For information on any of these events:  www.usrifleman.org, Phone (847) 920-USRA (8772), or Email: info@usrifleman.org.

Foosland Sportsmens Club

June 14 – Friday night Trap shoot, 6 pm.

June 28 – Friday night Trap shoot, 6 pm.

For info: www.fooslandsportsmen­sclub.com, Waylena McCulley, waystar@

gmail.com, 217-840-0972.

Leroy Rifle and Pistol Club

Every Thursday Evening, 4pm to 9pm – 50 bird Trap Derby. Dick Mill­er, 309-962-8102 rcmillerir2001@vahoo.com

June 2 – 3 Gun Competition, 9 am to 5 pm, Stephen Stewart, stephen@10-8outfitters.com , 309-376-2320.

June 9 – Trap shoot, 10 am to 4 pm.  Dick Mill­er, 309-962-8102 rcmillerir2001@vahoo.com

June 15 – Bullseye Pistol, 9 am to 4 pm, Jeff Porter, hprifle@leroyrifleandpistolclub.org , 217-493-1041.

April 23 – Black Powder shoot, 1 pm.   Susie Hulvey, ladyhawke1756@yahoo.com , 217-935-6804.

June 30 – Bullseye Pistol, 9 am to 4 pm, Jeff Porter, hprifle@leroyrifleandpistolclub.org , 217-493-1041.


St. Joseph Sportsman’s Club

Every Wed (5-10p) & Sat. (noon-4) – Trap shooting, open to the public. stjosephsportsmanclub@gmail.com; or

Call (217)469-2768.

Westville Sportsmans Club 

Every Wednesday: Trapshooting Practice open to the public 6-10pm.  Every Saturday:  Trapshooting Games open to the public 6-10pm.  Kitchen open both nights.  Rifle and Pistol Range open to members only during daylight hours.  $55.00 single/$75.00 family yearly memberships available.  nuthinbutdust@yahoo.com / 217-267-2612.

June 2 – Defensive Pistol Shoot, Westville Sportsman’s Club, Westville, IL.  George Schildt, geos111@sbcglobal.net, 217-443-1478.

Danville Rifle and Pistol Club, Oakwood, IL.

Steel Plate Challenge Match – 3rd Saturday of each month, March through October.  Sign in 9 am.  Larry Pasquale, 217-443-2050, l.pasquale@drpc-danville.com.  Range website is www.drpc-danville.com/

June 9 – Myron Deckard Memorial Scholarship Shoot, 10 am – 4 pm.  As part of this event, a raffle is being held for an AR-15 Rifle!  Contact Larry Pasquale to inquire about tickets before June 9.

ISRA Range, Bonfield, IL.

May 31 through June 2 – Clyde Howell / NRA Youth Shooting Sports Camp, Tim Dalan, 815-545-3978.

June 9 – ISRA Bullseye League, Jeff Battaglia, 708-614-1628.

June 22 – ISRA Range Open House, 10 am to 4 pm, free admission and orientation.

June 29 – Trooper Trophy High Power Rifle Match, 8 am, Daniel Lee Beck, 815-741-0070.

June 30 – Glock Shooting Sports Foundation ISRA Glock League, 8:30 am, Terry Kreimeier, 815-635-3198, www.gssfonline.com

There’s more, of course.  Much more.  You know, if you were a member of Guns Save Life, we would mail you a copy of GunNews each month, with the calendar of events in it.  You can join at this link:




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  1. 34 (so far) signed up for Appleseed at Darnall’s Ranges in Bloomington, IL. for this weekend. Two firing lines. Room for 10 more. Rimfire or centerfire rifles ok.

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