Brave New World


May 15, 2013


Two rounds.

Two rounds, that is, more than is legally allowed now in New York State.

If this guy had seven rounds instead of nine in his magazine, that burned out license plate bulb wouldn’t have burned him.

Don’t you just feel safer now?

Here’s the story, from the Washington Times:

New York man arrested for carting 2 extra bullets

A New York man has the dubious honor of being the first reported arrest for carrying two bullets too many in his otherwise legally authorized ammunition magazine — in violation of the state’s new gun control laws.

Troopers discovered the extra two bullets when they stopped him for a traffic offense: His license plate lamp wasn’t lit, a local newspaper covering New Lebanon, N.Y., reported.

During the course of speaking to the driver, Gregory Dean, 31, of Hopewell Junction, troopers saw a .40 caliber handgun on the front seat. It was registered and legal, but when troopers found its magazine was carrying nine bullets.

The recently passed Secure Ammunition and Firearms and Enforcement Act only allows for seven rounds per magazine…

Could this be you next? It could, if you carry an otherwise legal firearm in New York State with nine bullets in the magazine instead of just seven.

This is what New York State legislators think of as “reasonable”.


15 thoughts on “Brave New World”
  1. Make no mistake, this kind of thing is EXACTLY what “duty to inform” will bring to bear here in Illinois. Burned out license plate lights will bring about hassles and arrests just like this one. The difference would be of course NRA ISRA and others SUPPORT for that “reasonable” legislative infringement.

    I advise Second Amendment Advocacy groups to OPPOSE DTI provisions STAUNCHLY NOW lest they find themselves in the position of having supported the very thing that led to coming stories in Illinois that match up with the nonsense in this article.

    As an aside – isn’t it hilarious watching mainstream media squirm and snap about their RIGHT being trampled by government (AP phone records) while they have themselves advocated government doing that very thing to us for decades? They really didn’t think it would happen to them but we knew it would and told them so.

  2. About a third of cars I stop are for burned out plate lights. Do yours work?

    1. Jeffery, you are part if the problem. Shame on you.
      I know this much…… KARMA is indeed real and what goes around does eventually come around.

      Sad it is that LEOs have reduced themselves to blatant revenues hassling innocent people over something as trifling as a license plate light. All while robbers rapists and killers run rampant – under YOUR watch – while you target those who dare drive down the street with that light burned out.

      And some cops actually wonder why their profession receives disrespect. Sheesh. That disrespect is EARNED and license plate light stops are a good example of it. Sad sad sad it is.

    2. I arrested an individual about a year ago who an an outstanding arrest warrant for first degree murder. I stopped the vehicle he was driving for no rear license plate light.

    3. Ashrak,
      Blow it out your ass.
      Your high handed bloviating is tiresome, so I’m only doing this once. Save your breath for someone who cares what you think. Would I be reading this if I was anti gun?
      My point is that cops use plate lights as PC to get a stop, so make certain yours are functional. The reason for the plate light stops is that I already ran the plate and the driver is SUSPENDED OR REVOKED…. I am expected to make no less than 2 traffic stops in 12 hours. Quick little warnings and I’m done for a clean license, and I’ll tell the driver that fixing that light would make his car stop proof, regarding equipment.
      As for what happens when I’m at that stop, most of the time it’s a verbal as polite as I can make it, unless its a local mope with a suspended license or worse. A legit gun owner has nothing to fear from me. To be honest I hope you have a gun in the car, I don’t care, I’ll tell you the plate lights out, document the stop, and its done in 90 seconds. Even a blowhard like you would be pleasantly surprised. I will now go back to ignoring you.

    4. Can I ask a question? Why is it that EVER squad car I see on the road has a missing or burnt out Lic light? Are the removed from police cars on purpose?

    5. The majority of police use the burntout license light as “PC” or as an excuse in order to stop the vehicle for other possible infractions. Very few are interested in the burnt out bulb itself.

    1. Lawmakers everywhere usually exempt government from the restrictions that apply to the rest of us. New York simply was in such a hurry they forgot to do so, and had to go back and “fix” it. You can bet the limit, should one be imposed, will not apply to the police or any other government agents.

  3. NY limits you to 10 rounds in a magazine.

    Does the NY law allow you carry 10 magazines with 10 rounds in each?

  4. Illegal search. Fourth Amendment violation.

    Arrest quashed. Case dismissed.

    Don’t tell me our guy consented to the nazi bastards searching his magazine? I don’t know any guns you can just look at (“plain view” exception to warrant requirement) and tell how many cartridges are in its magazine.

    Test case? Doubt it.


  5. It’s time to keep the NY thugs busy. Go to their assault weapon registration site, and submit phony information to them. Let them deal with information for people and weapons that don’t exist.

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