Bob Rainville of Indianapolis, IN, has written a great piece on how to turn the language of the “gun control” debate on it’s head.  It’s a long piece, so I’ve broken it up into three parts; this is part one.



by Bob Rainville


So, again “elitists” and their media buddies employ their usual tactics of distraction” and “demonization” obsessing with the objects used in all the recent killings instead of the behavioral causes. Are we not all sick and tired of beating the “evil gun dead horse”? This debate really needs to get off this stuff about the tools and even by pass Constitutional points as well just to get to the essence of it all. Great success can be achieved with a simple three stepprocess akin to taking Iwo Jima in WW II. First the “beach head” followed by the “island” thenfinally the “mountain” where that three headed monster dwells. The one that has been eating ournational fiber like a voracious flesh eating bacteria, the real core cause of the slaughter; the complete lack of moral foundation and compass, mental health and drug issues and the utter obsessive glorification of violence in the media.

Consider the beach as the NATURAL HUMAN RIGHT to defend one’s life, liberty and property from bad guys; the deranged and criminals – terrorists and tyrants that do their assault, mayhem and murder upon unarmed victims. This is really tough to argue against and puts the opposition on the defensive straight away, exactly where they belong. This is indeed the MORAL HIGH GROUND

 Take and hold this principle tenaciously while vigorously pressing forward and educating all soas to force much needed changes in the terminologies, direction and focus in the debate!  Now get it set in stone that every person has a natural right to defend life, liberty and property, onward with the next vital point. That common sense and prudence dictates there must also be an inseparable natural right to possess tools appropriate to the purpose of defense and deterrence permanently welded to it. Now … FORWARD!



In this struggle words are as ammunition with their strategic and tactical application as weapons. The elitists have their assorted bunch of semantic traps and misnomers— ambushesthat we keep stepping into, kind of like minefields laying all over the island. Notice how the slightest disagreement with any of their anointed pet causes will get one labeled a “hater”. Talk about your “haters”! Elitists” win the prize. They employ the vilest demagoguery, distraction, disinformation and real-hatred of the sort the Nazis used against the Jews and the Communists against everyone who dared oppose their murderous nightmare socialist systems. Herr Goebbels and V. Lenin would be proud of them, well meaning “useful idiots” one and all.

They demonize the NRA’s “Eddie Eagle” comparing him to “Joe Camel”, fabricated a so called “gun culture”, concocted their nonsense idiom “assault weapons” and are now calling the NRA the new KKK. They’re the Real-Haters, vilifying the essential tools vital to the basic natural human right of self defense and the very concept of a well trained armed citizenry as being the essence of a truly free and secure Republic. They hate this concept with an unparalleled passion and zeal. It is the ultimate impediment to whatever evil scheme they may have up their sleeves. Since they lose the moral high ground, it leaves them in a difficult tactical position having to focus their relentless senseless attacks on the tools which are enjoined to the Right.

Counter attack with some new words and phrases. Begin by expunging antiquated inaccurate phrases like “gun grabbers” or “anti gunners”, even “pro gun” and the “gun “word itself. Substitute with words and phrases that are more accurate, educational and keep the debate focused toward the real issues. Might as well start by losing the “g” word, guns and replace it with a new phrase, “tools of defense and deterrence. Sure is a bit longer to say but it’s kind of catchy and is a dead on target accurate description of what the “tools” are intended for.

Now reason, common sense and prudence have established that the implements and the Right exist as one entity. Their incessant attack on the tools essential to the natural human right obviously means they must be against it. Therefore, those against the Right have appropriately earned the new title of “ANTI-HUMAN RIGHTS EXTREMISTS”!  Since these “anti-human rights extremists” consistently demonstrate their impassioned hatred for the tools and therefore the Right, they are, the REAL-HATERS”!  Because their absurd position also gives great aid and comfort to, and ultimately abets, the bad guys, all under the utterly false pretext of making things safer for everybody, they win the title of “USEFUL IDIOTS”


V. I. Lenin

It was Lenin who coined the title of “useful idiots”. It specifically applied to those who advocated causes that gave strategic advantage to or tactical advancement to their nightmare system of socialism or assisted it in any way by weakening the opposition. Always remind folks that the two socialist systems, National Socialism (Nazism) and Communism (Marxism-Leninism) were the greatest mass murderers of unarmed victims in world history.

There are no more gun grabbersor “anti-gunners”; just “anti-human rights extremists” and “real-haters” of the truth and the natural human right to self defense.  They are being “useful idiots” by helping the bad guys gain great advantage over the good guys all under the utterly false pretext of ending so called “gun” violence and making everyone “safer“. Their “GUN FREE ZONES” (madman magnets) are a superb example of the kind of sheer stupidity oftheir “anti-human rights extremists” policies.

Now stand the moral high ground as HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS in fervent support of the basic NATURAL HUMAN RIGHT to OWN and CARRY the TOOLS OF DEFENSE and DETERRENCE in protection of life, liberty and property. 



Counter the “assault weapon” hoax straight away exposing it for the nonsense agenda-concocted phrase that it is. This phrase is the very worst kind of semantic trap, ambush and trick bag in any debate. It is the vilest of “hate speech” vulgar and obscene to the bone! Do NOT fall for it anymore! Firmly remind all that the so called “assault weapons” idiom was contrived by anti-human rights extremists” when they were hell bent on banning a certain class of “tools of defense and deterrence”. It aided them in vilifying those tools and in hoodwinking the country into enacting a ten year ban that ended up being totally useless. It had zero, as in not a scintilla or molecule of impact on violence, excuse me, I mean “gun” violence.   (Hum, “gun” violence? Do we detect another distracting vilifying real-hater, anti-human rights extremist and useful idiot-concocted phrase here?)

 Mr. Josh Sugarmann of “Violence Policy Center”, one of the country’s most notorious anti-human rights extremist hate groups explained its purpose, “Assault weapons … are a new topic. The weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons—anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun—can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons. In addition, few people can envision a practical use for these weapons.”  [Sugarmann, Josh (1988). Assault Weapons and Accessories in America. Washington, D.C.: Firearms Policy Project of the Violence Policy Center. ISBN 978-0-927291-00-2.]

So the minute “assault weapons” is uttered in discussion, STOP it right there!  Immediately react with polite but total indignation, personal insult and severe offense! React as though an evil racist word was just uttered, because the effect is virtually the same. Politely explain that anti-human rights extremists have put out a lot of distraction, disinformation and hate about real Assault Rifles and their mother of misnomers, so called “assault weapons”.  Immediately educate. A real military Assault Rifle has an option for fully automatic machine gun fire while their look-a-like cousins, Service Rifles, do not. Just so everyone in the discussion is on the same page and to clear up all the confusion, hate and nonsense, all those so called “assault weapons” are actually just common, ordinary everyday, run of the mill, good old made in USA accurate and reliable “SERVICE RIFLES” that just look like Assault Rifles.  Hammer that point home till you are out of breath and then some. Get them to start saying it! Do not relent or continue on until they get it! Service Rifles, Service Rifles, again Service Rifles…Common ordinary, made in USA, reliable and accurate Service Rifles! This is as critical as seizing the MORAL HIGH GROUND of NATURAL HUMAN RIGHTS because the RIGHT to OWN and CARRY the COMMON SERVICE RIFLE of personal choice and especially with all the appropriate accessories is permanently and inseparably welded to that precious Natural Human Right of self defense.

Now, by what logic and reason, common sense and decency would anyone restrict good guys to 10 shot devices (not to mention Service Rifles) while the deranged, criminals and tyrants will assuredly posses the usual “standard capacity” magazines? Such restrictions and bans are inherently flawed, pure lunacy and totally absurd beyond any sense of human decency.  These pinheaded infringements only give aid and comfort to, and abet the bad guys giving them a great edge. Gee, don’t want to sound like a big meanie here, but doesn’t that sort of fit the definition of, ah, dare I say it, TREASON? Wouldn’t the Constitutional concepts of “equal protection” and “equal rights” apply to all tools of defense and deterrence, their standard capacity devices and their appropriate accessories especially for the good guys as well?

Again, they’re NOT “assault weapons.” Just common ordinary Service Rifles. Implements intended to deter and defend against assault by the “deranged and criminals terrorists and tyrants! It’s their foremost intended purpose in the scheme of things. It is permanently enshrined in the Second Amendment a basic natural human right to self defense.

6 thoughts on “The Moral High Ground – Taking Back the Language”
  1. Good stuff. Can’t wait for the next two installments.

    I’d like to respectfully disagree with the term “service rifle” as it could be interpreted by hopolophobes as applying only to those in the service. Not at all the case.

    I much prefer the term used here at GSL of “Homeland Defense Rifle”, or as our own DHS calls them, “Personal Defense Weapons”!

    1. I thought this through very carefully. The word “service” does indeed confer and imply “service”, as in service to one’s country but in terms of a step beyond service in the military by owning and carrying “tools of defense and deterrence” of military utility as a CIVIC DUTY just like voting and avid participation in the political process. Thus, possession and competence with “Service Rifles” is a service of civic duty and responsibility.

  2. Assault is a noun or a verb. It’s a thing at an action. It’s not an adjective.
    But what about machine gun? ALL guns ARE machines! It’s the same fabricated drama as assault weapon. Remember – HELLER was clear that banning an entire class if weapons was not permissible. Reaffirmed was the fact that arms useful in military service are EXACTLY what IS protected. So DON’T TAKE THAT BAIT EITHER. don’t make the case that semis are fine BECAUSE they are not autos! Cuz ALL of them are indeed protected.

    Most say permits and licenses. Myself – I say permission slips. That’s what they ARE and folks perceive a “difference”. Language really can make a difference – especially taking bots off the talking point parroting they do.

    Now, if we could just get folks to realize that Privileges and Immunities = RIGHTS we might just really GO forward…..

    1. Ashrack,

      At the risk of opening yet another can of worms – do we really have to open THAT can of worms?

      I get the permission slip argument. I know you don’t want any negotiation over that. But there has been a very clear distinction in the public’s mind since 1934 about automatic vs. semiautomatic firearms. The antis (sorry, the anti-human rights extremists) try to blur the line with their “assault weapon” lie, but that line is there. I am not in favor of marginalizing our cause by advocating for the free, paperless, unlimited possession of full auto firearms. I’m not against it in theory…

    2. I’m not against it in theory, but the anti human rights extremists have already succeeded in blurring the line. If we start loudly and brashly demanding that there be no permission slips whatsoever, even for full auto firearms, we will create for ourselves an even bigger problem, and have even less success gaining back our rights.

    3. The anti human rights extremists didn’t get us to this point (permission slips) in a day, and we’re not going to be able to get back to where we should be in a day. Why shoot ourselves in the foot by going after the full autos?

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