California Gov. Jerry Brown speaks at a news conference in Sacramento, Calif., Wednesday, April 24, 2013. The Democratic governor wants to give school districts more control of the money they receive from the state and provide poorer districts with a larger share of state aid. Brown is running into resistance from his own party, including lawmakers who represent affluent areas that would not gain as much under his plan. (AP Photo/The Sacramento Bee, Renee. C. Byer)


California’s governor, Jerry Moonbeam Brown, has allocated $24 million to hire more agents of the state to confiscate “registered” firearms from those no longer legally eligible to own them.

While the program is touted to confiscate guns from those seriously mentally ill or who have criminal convictions rendering them ineligible to own guns, our concern is that government edict will render more and more classes of citizens ineligible to own firearms, thereby keeping these California state agents busy for years to come.

The second part of our concern involves the state confiscating personal property with real value.  What if Mr. X is ineligible, but his wife is perfectly eligible to own said firearm?  Does she lose her Constitutional rights simply for living with her ineligible husband?  Do any adult children living at home also lose their Constitutional rights too?

This program leaves us feeling quite uneasy, and we’re not alone.  The LA Times has an online poll going and here’s the results we saw:

Registration leads to confiscation, even in modern-day America.

Don’t say we didn’t tell you so.


One thought on “More money for gun confiscations in California”
  1. Take a look at new police technology that scans EVERY license plate it views. Beg for that permission slip some more! You can look forward to being on that list of concealed carry permit holders that gets tied to that database and you could be pulled over for anything (pretense) and set up on duty to inform – arrested for failing to inform fast enough (like the fella who just got arrested for not rolling his window down far enough at a roadblock).

    See it for what it us folks. ALL forms of registration lead to confiscation. It matters not if its the gun itself, the owner, the buyer or seller, the carrier or anything else. It’s time, past time, to say NO! Just think- FOID is a basket case and the case is easily made that it “needs” say…… 24 million dollars to work “better”. And just what do you think ILGA will do if they get a hundred million dollars from permission seekers? They will use that money AGAINST you. And still gun owners want to beg to give that money to them???? Under the pretense of being allowed to exercise a right? Really?
    See it folks. Open your eyes. Hold the line right here right now in Illinois.
    No deals. No permission slips. No poll taxes paid that’ll just be used like IN THIS ARTICLE!!!!

    I read an interesting comment yesterday about LISTS.

    I saw a movie once where only the cops and military had guns – it was called Schindlers LIST…….

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