Received this morning.

It’s from Dan Hull, the guy who sent us an angry missive a while back that was a big hit with our readers.

We thought he waved the white flag about a week afterwards.

He’s baaaaack…


Hello Mr. Boch, I never thought I would be sending you more mail but I had to check out if you posted story about shooting in club in Chicago when gun free zone was in description and of course you didn’t disappoint. But I saw you missed a few stories from non gun free zones. 1)Nashville,Tn,  10 month old killed by father “Accidentally” with gun used for protection while working in Nashville! 2)Pennsylvania, 7yo killed by father”Accidentally” outside of gun store 3)5 people “Accidentally” shot at gun shows in,North Carolina,Ohio and Indiana. Where were all the conceal carry people to stop this? 4) Oh! Conceal carry gentleman was in Alaska. Disabled man draws two pistols and shoots Wal-mart manager for telling him to leash his dog in store. All “legal” guns wielded by responsible gun owners. Also, your progun fact of the day was incorrect. You cherry picked the total number and put your own spin on it. That number include all homicides, suicides and accidental shooting deaths since 1968. Just to be Factual! Only one more item to take care of: our last go around I was admonished to read the Federalist Papers so I went back and reread them! I bring to you the following Quotes for your perusal #1”No man is allowed to be a judge in his own cause, because his interest would certainly bias his judgment, and,  not improbably, corrupt his integrity”  #2” The inference to which we are brought is, that the CAUSES of faction cannot be removed, and that relief is only to be sought in the means of controlling it’s EFFECTS. If a faction consists of less than a majority, relief is supplied by the republican principle, which enables the majority to defeat it’s sinister views by regular vote”.(unless a lobbyist spreads enough money around to greedy politicians to vote against majority wishes)  “It may clog the administration, it may convulse the society; but it will be unable to execute and mask its violence under the forms of the Constitution” #3 “ Why has government been instituted at all? Because the passions of men will not conform to the dictates of reason and justice, without constraint,” The three men who wrote these papers were as worried about internal factions as external threats. They were concerned that some factions could not abide by the rule of law when they didn’t get their way and would try to disrupt all course of normal proceedings. In modern day terms they were worried about domestic terrorists hiding under the protection of the Constitution. See Timothy McVea. His groups views were rejected and his answer was to blow up a government building and kill a bunch of people(kids included) to show how right their cause was. Now I see on your website people talking about “armed rebellion” when the regulars(?) come for your guns. Are you actually advocating killing your fellow citizens if you feel threatened whether it’s true or not? I realize that this mail to you will never see the light of day on your website unless you cut and paste things out of context and order or cannot find cute little pictures to label it with. I look forward to seeing the PBS piece about your warm and fuzzy family organization, except I asked if they were actually monitoring your website and not just listening to prewritten sound bites and diatribes and they assured me they were!  Have a nice day, Dan


Paragraphs should be your friend, Dan.

Stories have now been reported, thanks to you.

I will say that liberty is not without risk.

Cherry-picking accidental deaths as a siren song for limiting liberty is a recipe for tyranny.

And surely Dan, you can do the research about the deaths sustained at the hands of tyrannical governments in just the last century alone.



And let’s not forget America’s past of using gun control to keep blacks disarmed and vulnerable to attack by racist white folks.


7 thoughts on “Hater Dan Hull is back; says we missed some stories.”
  1. Didn’t he claim to be highly educated at one point? His grammar and spelling are atrocious.

  2. My goodness. See what happens when you feed trolls? They come back.

    I think I’m dumber having read his email. I’m all for rational discussion with folks capable of grasping the truth, but with this guy … you’d have better odds of success going outside and yelling at the weather. (Stop raining!!!!!)

    Hint: gun-bigots are not capable of critical thinking, therefore attempting to reason with them is pointless.

  3. John,
    Thank you for allowing this libiot to rant about his hatred. It is good to see our adversaries for what they are, even though he appears to be mentally unstable, I hope that he is denied the possesion of any and all kinds of firearms. He is surely as disturbed as those who have deliberately shot up schools and theaters in the past year. Perhaps as bad as the cop that had a vandetta against the LA police dept., recently. He might soon write his “manifesto” and go “off the deep end”. I hope he will get professional help before he hurts himself or innocent people.

    Dan Hull,
    It is obvious you glory in the accidental deaths of innocents to furthur your diatribe, the accidental deaths of innocent children by their family members are surely devastating to those affected, why publicize it unless you have an agenda? Just like the “National Socialist” polit-o-crats that stacked up the coffins of those killed at Sandy Hook elementary as a “prop” to furthur their political agenda to ban legal defensive firearms, you try to use accidental deaths to your “advantage” spewing you diatrtibe. You sir are a despicable human being. I feel sorry for you and those around you. You discredit those who use firearms in defense of self, family, or complete strangers from thugs mugging, stealing from, or raping innocents often without firing a shot. You should reflect on the many stories of armed Americans that “save the day”, published each and every month in NRA magazines “America’s First Freedon” and /or “American Rifleman”.
    As an NRA member for over 20 years, a firearm owner for over 36 years, I have never had the inclination to use my firearms illegally, perhaps that is an indication of my parent’s raising or a personality trait. I practice the 5 main safety rules ingrained by the NRA, NRA certified instructors (like Mr. John Boch), and included in all firearms sold new: ALWAYS keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction, keep the firearm unloaded until ready to shoot, treat the firearm as if it is always loaded, keep your finger OFF the trigger until your target is sighted, be aware of your target and whatever is around or beyond the target so you don’t hit something you don’t intend to shoot. Mr. Hull, you would do well to take a personal defense course to understand those who want to arm themselves against thugs who would do harm to their victims, but I shudder to think of you with a firearm in your hands, it would probably drive you “over the edge” and you would probably try to take out your fellow “classmates” and the instructors, so please don’t.


    1. Thanks DLM. Haven’t yet felt the need to be armed around my students or wear body armor.

      Then again, Dan hasn’t taken one of our courses.


  4. John, thank you for the linked video, too.

    I’m sick to my stomach. Some of these things had never really sunk in. When the pictures and video are available, the cruelty and inhuman misery is undeniable.

    It petrifies me to think that we are just “this close” to the same thing here.

    God save us. Man won’t.

  5. As the fearless usurper stomps around saying the semi automatic gun bam deserved a vote. Rights advocates should say that to match Barry’s call we must also then hold a automatic printing press ban in conjunction. Or how about a ban on how many words a person can write per day. Mr Hull can be the Sandy Hook poster boy for why this vote is “deserved”.

    Watching the journalists howl about their Constitutional rights would be entertaining but even more comical would be witnessing Mr Hull do a 180 regarding everything he has written so far.

    On senator asking o e pointed question out in the open destroyed DiFis ban bill. Imagine what would happen if more had the courage to stand and fight……

    1. Ashrak,
      That should be an “automatic ASSUALT printing press” ban, or maybe a ban on automatic ASSAULT “National Socialist” talking heads (national media) as we all know how the national media idiots love to attack and assault conservatives and anything that doesn’t conform to their socio-communist ideals.


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